The Snapshots Tool

The Snapshots Tool allows you to quickly and easily pull up a very specific section of your map. It's a helpful tool to use when you need to refer back to a group of locations or a section of your map on a regular basis, or when you need to quickly access and present specific information to others.

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Snapshots save you time and allow you to get back to focusing on tasks that actually impact your goals and the future success of your business.

  • Create custom Shapshots within your map. With Maptive, you have the ability to create convenient, customized views of your map, or Snapshots, that can be accessed right from the main dashboard homepage at any time. Snapshots save your current map view (settings, filters, zooms, etc.).
  • Customize information tied to your Snapshot. Each Snapshot you create can be customized with a Snapshot title and description. This customization helps differentiate one Snapshot from another in your main dashboard.  
  • Access your Snapshots in seconds. Snapshots can be quickly opened from the main dashboard. Snapshots can also be accessed and viewed from within your map.
  • Easily edit or update at anytime. Editing or updating your Snapshots is incredibly simple and convenient, and can be done in just a few seconds. You can update the title, description, zoom level, and other settings associated with the view you originally set when you built your Snapshot.

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