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Customizable Base Maps
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Customizable Base Maps
Customizable Base Maps

Customizable Base Maps

Quickly and easily change the way your map looks using Maptive’s extensive customization options. Maptive has the mapping tools you need to get your maps looking the way you want. However, if you are used to using Google maps, you know that the styling options are minimal.

Here are just some of the map customization options offered by Maptive:

  • Customize base maps using Maptive’s preset options
  • Hide or show highways
  • Display or hide roads
  • Show or hide road labels
  • Show or hide water
  • Show or hide administrative labels
  • Show or hide points of interest
  • Show or hide transit labels

Import your datasets from CSV, XLS, or by copy-pasting your data into Maptive to create maps in minutes.

Export high-resolution or PDF files for printing.

Use Maptive’s extensive list of features to customize your map today!

Customizable Google Maps Base Map

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