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Perfect For A Driving Radius Map:

The Proximity and map Radius Tool allows you to draw a radius circle in miles or kilometers from any of your locations in order to quickly determine distances. This mapping radius tool makes it easy to quickly run a proximity analysis on a segment of your location data. It’s useful for determining where certain points on your map lie, how far one map point is from other points on your map, and seeing how many points on your map exist within various distance increments. The end result is a beautifully simple, easy-to-understand visualization of your location data.    

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  • Build a radius circle around a location. Creating a distance radius circle around a location can be done in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is choose your starting point marker, set your proximity distance, add further customization if desired, and that’s it.
  • Adjust distance and color. The Proximity tool allows you to easily adjust in real-time the distance you originally set. You can also select a color for your radius circle to make it even easier to view on your map.  
  • Customize information. After your distance radius circle has been created, you can choose to customize the popup that appears within the circle. This is useful when you are creating multiple radius circles on your map and need to quickly identify or categorize the location data captured within your circles.
  • Export locations. Exporting location data within your radius circle is incredibly simple and convenient, and can be done in just 1-click. Data is exported into a XLS or CSV file.

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Of course, there are many distance radius map tools out there — but the reality is that most only offer very simple features that won’t let you do much more than draw a basic travel time radius around a single point. While this is useful, it is far from comprehensive when it comes to making the most of the available technology.

Our highly calibrated Google Maps Radius and Proximity tool offers you advanced capabilities that let you create a sophisticated distance radius map that you can export and use in a range of settings.

If you want to make good use of an online drive time radius and proximity analysis tool, go straight for the option that will allow you to easily accomplish what you need to.

Maptive is cloud-based and constructed on the solid ground of Google Maps. That means the reliability, accessibility and map agility your business deserves.

A Superior Driving Radius Map:

When it comes to the driving distance radius map, we are the equivalent of a high end luxury vehicle. While a bicycle may get you from A to B, it requires a lot of leg work from you and does not have nearly the suite of capabilities that a more advanced vehicle may have to offer.

We’ve created our product for sophisticated users — the busy entrepreneur, the marketing department that is looking for the best tools, the high level researcher that does not want to leave a single stone unturned — but this does not mean you need to have advanced technical knowledge to use them. In fact, quite the opposite. We pride ourselves on extreme use-ability and intuitive operation. Here’s the deal — we’ll take care of the impressive look and user-friendliness of our maps, and you take care of all the other things you need to think about in your busy day.

It’s time to take you for a tour of our showroom. Very quickly, you will be able to see what sets our Google Maps radius tools apart.

Save the radii you set

This is not a fly-by night operation. You want to be able to use the driving time radius map that you have created over a stretch of time. Our platform allows you to save your radii to the cloud so that you and your team can come back and work on it whenever you feel like it. Of course, this is particularly useful for data sets that are more permanent — like the zip codes of your offices or stores, or the addresses of your warehouses. With Maptive, you’ll keep coming back to your Google Maps drive time radius again and again.

Add Radius Around Points Of Data:

Use our drive time radius tool in conjunction with other tools in our suite. Let’s say, for example, that you have used our Grouping Tool to group your data by state. You can then add a particular radius to all the locations in one state with just a mouse click. And just like that, each location in Alabama comes complete with its own radius.

Imagine how useful this can be to your business!

Quickly decipher if there is an overlap between you and your competition and make decisions accordingly. Use the radius tool to understand franchising opportunities and make informed choices about where to set up shop. No more complicated calculations that have the potential for inaccuracy. In the space of a few seconds, the picture will emerge before your eyes. You then make the choice what to do with it.

Add Multiple Radii Around A Certain Type Of Marker:

We said that our product was advanced, and we weren’t fibbing. You can make your radius map as in-depth as you like by placing multiple radii around a single marker. One for the distance of 100 miles to map out the space between you and your competition, another of 50 miles to decide if you’re too close to another of your stores. We understand that there are multiple decisions that you are juggling in a day, so we’ve decided to respond accordingly.

Exporting Locations Inside A Radius:

The story doesn’t end with the beautiful visualization of your data or your magnificent driving time radius map. You can choose to export the data from within a specific radius.

And look at that — all the locations you have mapped within a specific radius come out in a perfect spreadsheet. No copy-pasting, or having to keep a little notebook where you jot down your findings. Our work is to make your life easier so that you can focus on yours.

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We can hear you screaming for a demonstration and we won’t leave you hanging — but be prepared, it’s far simpler to use than you might think.

Google Map Distance Radius Calculator:

Here goes. This is how to use our Radius and Proximity Tool:

  • STEP 1: Create your first free map when your sign up for our platform
  • STEP 2: Head over to the map tools menu on the left hand side of your map
  • STEP 3: Select the Radius and Proximity Tool
  • STEP 4: You will be given the option to select a DISTANCE RADIUS or a DRIVE TIME POLYGON. Decide which tool type better suits your purposes.

proximity radius circles


  • STEP 5: Choose your location/s and how far you would like your radius or polygon to extend from the central point
  • STEP 6: Customize! Change the proximity colors, decide which label sizes to show, go mad! This is your Google Maps drive time radius tool. You decide what to do with it.

It really is that simple.

And presto! You have a magnificent map like this one:

proximity radius circles on a map


Competitor Analysis Dnd Driving Radius Map In One:

The Google Map radius map has already helped numerous businesses operate more efficiently and identify opportunities. From competitor analysis to logistics and planning to marketing strategies, this tool is becoming more and more popular with companies of all shapes and sizes.

Sit back and relax because we’re about to tell you a tale of how the drive time radius map bridged some serious gaps when it came to one of the most important products in the world — pizza.

Once upon a time, there was a pizza delivery company who wanted to ensure that they effectively accomplished two of their major goals:

  1. To understand their competition so that they could become key players in their industry
  2. To situate their delivery centers in places that allowed them to be optimally efficient when it came to delivering their pizzas.

You see, while their pizzas were delicious, they were falling short when it came to understanding their competition and meeting their optimal delivery times. They had tried everything, going so far as sending their delivery people on runs around their neighborhoods to see how many competitors they were dealing with in each area.

Then one of the delivery people found Maptive. She showed her boss.

“Look!” she said. “This Google Map radius tool can help us reach our main goals. Here’s how:

  1. Competitor Analysis: We can easily perform competitor analyses in moments that will help us quickly determine where to place our resources. By simply uploading a spreadsheet of our locations, as well as those of our competitors, Maptive will help us to visualize each location — both ours and theirs — as a marker on our customized map. Just like that, we will have a map that includes both our stores and those of our competitors. All we have to do then is use the radius tool to draw a circle around each of our stores. We will quickly be able to see what competitor stores lie within the bounds of each circumference. What’s more, Maptive will then let us export the data within each circle in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. There we have it — all the insight we need in the format we want it in. But it doesn’t end there. Look at what else they can do:
  2. The Drive Time Radius Tool: you can easily see how to plot our designated areas per delivery person, and in turn, where best to put the centers. This way, we’ll make sure we never overlap in terms of the territories we are in charge of. You know how Jeremy and I are never sure who is supposed to be servicing Oak Street? Well, no longer! And it’s not just about us delivery people. The logistics team can rest assured that they have placed centers in all the right places. There will be not an ounce of land in the whole city that we do not service.”

Well, as you can imagine, this has completely transformed their daily operations — and as can only be expected, said delivery person was made manager. With that kind of ingenuity, of course she had to be recognized.

google radius mapping


Ready for your very own Radius Proximity and Driving Radius Map?

We thought you might be. You’ve probably already thought of thousands of ways to employ the drive time radius tool in your daily operations.

Why don’t you give it a whirl, risk free? We offer a free trial that will allow you to see if the radius tool will indeed work for you.

This is the future of outstanding geographical planning. There’s no excuse not to embrace it.

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