How To Draw a Radius on Your Map To Visualize Proximity Data

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Our highly calibrated Google Maps-based radius & proximity tool offers advanced capabilities to create a sophisticated distance radius map that you can export and use in a variety of settings.

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Maptive’s map radius and proximity tool helps you determine distances by drawing a radius circle in miles or kilometers from any location on your map. It quickly runs a proximity analysis on a segment of your location data so you can see where points on your map lie, how far one map point is from others, and determine how many points exist within various distance increments. With it, you’ll have a simple visualization of your location data.   

Most distance radius map tools only offer simple features where you can’t do more than to draw a basic travel-time radius around a single point. This won’t help you make the most of available technology.

Maptive’s radius and proximity tool lets you create a sophisticated distance radius map that you can export and use in a variety of settings.

If you want to make good use of an online drive-time radius and proximity analysis tool, Maptive offers this option. Because it’s cloud-based and constructed from Google Maps, you’ll have the reliability your business requires. 

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A Superior Driving Radius Map

When it comes to driving distance radius maps, Maptive’s is the equivalent of a high-end luxury vehicle. While a bicycle may get you from point A to B, it requires a lot of leg work—it doesn’t have the capabilities that a more advanced vehicle has to offer.

We’ve created our radius map for sophisticated users—the busy entrepreneur, the marketing department that’s looking for the best tools, or the high-level researcher who doesn’t want to leave a single stone unturned. 

Yet, you don’t need advanced technical knowledge to use it!

Add Radius Circles - Radius Proximity Tool

With Maptive’s usability and intuitive operation, you can:

  • Build a radius around a specific location in seconds. Simply choose your starting point marker, set your proximity distance, customize as needed, and you’re done!
  • Adjust the distance and color. Use the proximity tool to adjust the distance you set, in real-time. Select a color for your radius circle, so it’s easy to view on your map.  
  • Customize information. Customize the popup that appears within the circle. This is useful when creating multiple radius circles where you must identify or categorize the location data.
  • Export locations. Do this with just one click! Then export the data into an XLS or CSV file. 

Radius Mapping - Drive Time Polygons

  • Save the radii you set. You may want to use the drive time radius map multiple times. Maptive lets you save your radii to the cloud so you and your team can work on it whenever you want. This is particularly useful for data sets that are permanent, like the zip codes for your offices or stores, or the addresses of your warehouses. With Maptive, you can keep coming back to your drive time radius again and again.
  • Add a radius around points of data. Use our drive time radius tool in conjunction with other tools in Maptive. For example, if you used the grouping tool to group your data by state, you can add a radius to all the locations in one state with just one click. And just like that, each location in Alabama comes complete with its own radius.

Map Radius Tool - Alabama Proximity Radius Map

  • Use the radius tool to determine franchising opportunities. Quickly decipher if there’s an overlap between you and your competition so you can decide where to set up shop—No more complicated calculations that have the potential for mistakes. In a few seconds, the picture will emerge before your eyes so you can make informed choices.
  • Add multiple radii around a specific type of marker. Make your radius map as in-depth as you like by placing multiple radii around a single marker. Set one for 100 miles to map out the space between you and your competition. Set another for 50 miles to decide if you’re too close to another of your stores.
  • Export locations inside a radius. Export data from within a specific radius to a spreadsheet. No copy-pasting, or tirelessly jotting down your findings. 

Our job is to make mapping easier so you can focus on what you do best.

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Google Maps Distance Radius Calculator

Here’s how to use our Radius and Proximity Tool:

  • STEP 1: Create your first free map when you sign up for Maptive.
  • STEP 2: Go to the Map Tools menu on the left-hand side of your map.
  • STEP 3: Select the Radius and Proximity Tool.
  • STEP 4: You’ll have the option to select a DISTANCE RADIUS or a DRIVE TIME POLYGON. Decide which tool best suits your needs.

Proximity Radius Circles Tool

  • STEP 5: Choose your location/s and how far you’d like your radius or polygon to extend from the central point.
  • STEP 6: Customize! Change the proximity colors, decide which label sizes to show, and more! 

It’s that simple. And presto!—You have a comprehensive map like this one:

Radius Circles Drawn on Map


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