Google Maps Radius Tool

Perfect For A Driving Radius Map:

The Proximity and map Radius Tool allows you to draw a radius circle in miles or kilometers from any of your locations in order to quickly determine distances. This mapping radius tool makes it easy to quickly run a proximity analysis on a segment of your location data. It’s useful for determining where certain points on your map lie, how far one map point is from other points on your map, and seeing how many points on your map exist within various distance increments. The end result is a beautifully simple, easy-to-understand visualization of your location data.    

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  • Build a radius circle around a location. Creating a distance radius circle around a location can be done in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is choose your starting location marker, set your proximity distance, add further customization if desired, and that’s it.
  • Adjust distance and color. The Proximity tool allows you to easily adjust in real-time the distance you originally set. You can also select a color for your radius circle to make it even easier to view on your map.  
  • Customize information. After your distance radius circle has been created, you can choose to customize the popup that appears within the circle. This is useful when you are creating multiple radius circles on your map and need to quickly identify or categorize the location data captured within your circles.
  • Export locations. Exporting location data within your radius circle is incredibly simple and convenient, and can be done in just 1-click. Data is exported into a XLS or CSV file.

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