Use the free version of Maptive’s radius map tool to draw a circle on a map with a defined distance radius from a point or location on a map.

What is a Radius Map?

A radius map is a type of map that shows the distance from a central point. It is often used to show the reach of a business or service. Radius maps can be drawn by hand or created using mapping software. It can also be used to show the distance between two points.

How to Create a Radius Map

The first step in creating a radius circle is to define the central point. Start by entering an address and a radius distance in the toolbar on the left. You can select a location on the map by right-clicking on the map and selecting “add radius” from the drop-down menu or entering an address in the “Starting Location” field. Then enter the distance in miles that you want to calculate from that point in the “Proximity Within” field. You can add multiple radiuses or circles on the map by repeating this procedure.
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