Lasso Tool

The Lasso Tool allows you to quickly select as many or as little points on your map at a time in order to easily segment and access only the most relevant and important information related to your locations. With the Lasso Tool, you can manually draw a “lasso” around your locations in order to edit data related to specific locations, get optimized routes to only a handful of select locations on your map, or export only a segment of your location data to a file.

  • Select your locations. Creating a lasso around preferred locations on your map can be done in a matter of seconds. Simply zoom to the most ideal view of your map, click the lasso tool, and begin placing lasso points around the batch of locations you wish to access together.
  • Optimize routes. Once your lasso has been established, you can get an optimized route in 1-click to the locations you selected. A directions window will appear, allowing you to re-order locations or add/delete additional locations from your list.
  • Edit data as a group. The Lasso Tool also allows you to edit location data as a group or batch. You will see the option appear after you have created a lasso around your group of locations. Data added to any of the fields in the data editing window will change that field for all markers within the lasso area
  • Export locations. Exporting location data from within your lasso area is incredibly simple and convenient, and can be done in just 1-click. Data is exported into a XLS or CSV file.