Use Excel Mapping Data To Create A Map

It’s not always easy to find the answers you’re looking for when you’ve got hundreds of rows of data staring back at you. With Maptive, you can transform raw mapping data from Excel spreadsheets into beautiful, customized Google maps in only a matter of minutes. It’s the best way to easily make sense of your data and get the answers and clarity you need.


Transform Your Excel Mapping Data Into a Map

A lot of mapping tools are cumbersome, complicated, or expensive to use. Our elegant excel mapping software was designed to make mapping simple and fast for everyone—no matter their skill level. To get started with Maptive simply follow the steps below to create a map from your data. Once complete each row in your spreadsheet will be represented by a marker on the map, and you can start analyzing your data with just a couple clicks.

5 Steps to create a map from Excel data:

  1. Sign up for a free trial.
  2. Click “Create My First Map”.
  3. Name Your Map and click “Continue”.
  4. Upload your Excel data that contains location information.
  5. Identify the columns in your spreadsheet that contain location data.
  6. Start using your Map!!

What can I do with an Excel Map?

Maptive provides hundreds of tools and features that let you view your spreadsheet data. By looking at your excel mapping data on a map you can find patterns you might otherwise miss if you were just staring at thousands of rows of data in a spreadsheet grid. Below is just a sampling of what is possible. If you have a specific need feel free to view all our features or ask us a question using the button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

  • Heat Map Excel Data. Generate a heat map based on the geographic location of each row of data. If you want to add a weight to the locations in your spreadsheet, you can select a column such as sales or clients. The resulting heat map with be darker where there are more total sales, and lighter where there are few or none. Learn more
  • An Alternative to Excel Power map. Excel Power Map can be a powerful tool. However, it can be complicated and may require you to create an advanced data structure just to get the same information you can get from Maptive out of the box.
  • Group spreadsheet data on a map. Select a column in your excel data and Maptive will automatically find all of the unique values in that column. We will then place a colored marker on the map for each row in your spreadsheet. Each color will represent one of the unique values from the grouping column. Learn More

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Large or small data sets, 10 or 100,000 locations

Our software was built to handle data sets of any size—whether you're mapping 10 locations or 100,000.

Google Maps Reliability

Maptive is powered by Google's enterprise level mapping technology so our customers can expect global coverage, world class tools, and unmatched performance.

Share, Print, Embed and Display

With Maptive, you get to decide how you want to display and share your map. Maps can be shared privately with specific individuals, published publicly to the web, embedded within a webpage or blog using simple HTML code, or printed.

Map Customization

Maptive maps can be fully customized and configured to meet the unique needs of any business or organization—large or small.With Maptive, you can do things like:

  • Customize map markers
  • Set the default opening view of a map
  • Choose from a wide variety of map styles

Powerful Map Tools

We give our users access to all the customization and editing tools needed in order to create beautiful, customized maps that can be used to educate, inform, assist, or persuade others.

Easy, Powerful, and Intuitive

Other mapping tools are cumbersome, complicated, or expensive to use. Our elegant software was designed to make mapping simple and fast for everyone—no matter their skill level.


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