Privacy Policy

(last updated 01/01/2018)

Maptive, LLC (“Maptive”) is the provider of the Maptive service. At Maptive, we respect a Clients’ right and expectation to privacy, and accordingly maintain and adhere to a rigorous privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”).

This Privacy Policy discloses the types of personal information collected and stored by Maptive and how that information is used to support Maptive’s Web site operations, provision contracted services, and carry on the related sales and support activities (the “Service”). All Clients must acknowledge and agree to the collection and use of personal information as set forth in this Privacy Policy.


  1. In accordance with the Terms of Service of the Service, whenever it is necessary or appropriate to comply with the law or legal process, to protect our systems and clients, or to ensure the integrity and operation of our business and systems
  2. We have the express permission of the Client, such as provided in the Terms of Service
  3. As required to process commercial transactions

Internet Information

Maptive collects statistical information about how people (“Users”) locate and navigate our Web sites. This information, sent by normal Web browsers, usually includes the browser type, Internet Protocol (IP) address and referring URL. This information is used to analyze trends, improve the usefulness of the Service, enhance the positioning of Web sites within Internet search engines, gather broad demographic information for aggregate use, and help diagnose problems. Users remain anonymous unless they voluntarily contact Maptive by filling out an online form.

Contact information

When Users fill out an online form to contact Maptive, Maptive collects some personal information, including but not limited to name, company name, size of company, name, phone number, email address, and reason for contact. This information is used to follow up with the customer’s initial queries in a timely manner.

Google Sheets Integration (OAuth Permissions)

Users that authorize Maptive to access their “Google Sheets” in order to create a map in the Maptive application will have their data used solely and exclusively for the purpose of map creation. To access a user’s Google Sheets data, Maptive uses to allow users to select which spreadsheets they want to load into our system to create their map. Maptive then uses to create a copy of the sheet(s) selected by the user on to Maptive’s servers. The only file(s) “Google Sheets” accessed by Maptive are those selected by the user for the purposes of creating their map. Maptive receives from Google the following information (File ID, File Name and all data contained in the rows of the Google Sheet). The “Google Sheets” information will be copied and stored on the Maptive servers but will remain the sole property of the user. It will include all information on the selected “Google Sheet”. Maptive does not scrape, crawl or otherwise use the “Google Sheets” data specified by the user for any reason except what is necessary to create or update the user map. The user can permanently delete the data from the Maptive servers simply by deleting the map which uses the ‘Google Sheets” data. By default, all data displayed on a users map is private. However a user can “opt in” and share their maps with outside parties but that is entirely a the users discretion and controlled exclusively by the user. The ability to share can be activated or revoked at any time by the user.

Aggregate Statistical Information

We may collect aggregated statistical information for purposes of improving the Service. This data does not contain personally identifying information, such as name or email address. For example, we may disclose that 10% of our Clients are based in the UK.

Questionnaires, Surveys and Profile Data.

We may offer questionnaires and surveys to our users for such purposes as collecting demographic information or assessing users’ interests and needs. The use of the information collected will be explained in the survey itself.

Client Information

When Clients sign up and pay for the Service, Maptive collects personal information, including but not limited to name, email address, phone number, and payment information. A secret question and answer may also be asked in order to verify the identity of Clients if their account password is lost.

User Account Data

If a Client registers an account on the Service all private information saved within the account is stored on secure servers, which process the information in order to provide Clients with authenticated access to their account, store and manage various types of information, including but not limited to email, databases and files. Account contents are backed up to separate storage systems daily for the purpose of recovery from errors or system failure. Copies of email messages, databases and files may remain on the backup storage systems for approximately three (3) months, even after Clients delete the private information from their accounts or after termination of the contracted Services.

Internal Uses

A limited number of Maptive employees are able to access Clients’ information. These employees are specifically trained and experienced with regard to the practices and importance of maintaining Clients’ privacy and are only authorized to access Client’s account information on an as needed basis to complete tasks related to the maintenance and operation of the Service, or fulfill Client requests.

Use of Cookies

The Service uses cookies to establish a User login session, set User tailored options and optionally to save a User’s login information so they do not have to re-enter it each time they authenticate to the Service. This feature is specific to the particular browser that the User has installed on their computer. Usage of a cookie is in no way linked to any personally identifiable information other than is stated here. Web browsers are designed to accept cookies. By default, most browsers are configured to accept cookies without notifying the User. Cookies are safe and most web sites use them frequently. Browsers can be configured to refuse cookies, but the Service will not work without them.


To process commercial transactions, we collect information related to each transaction, such as the amount and the necessary identifying information, including the credit card information, contact information, and email addresses of the parties involved.

Corporate Changes.

If there is a change of ownership or control of Maptive, such as a merger or acquisition by another company, Maptive will provide its Clients 30 days notice of such change.

Corrections and Updates

Users can update their personal information at anytime by contacting Maptive’s Client Service department listed at the end of this notice.

Deactivation or Changes to Personal Information

Clients may terminate an account or update their personal information by sending a written request to our Client Service department listed at the end of this notice, at which User Account Data will be removed from all secure servers.

Notification of Changes

This Privacy Policy may be revised over time, so please review it frequently. If we make material changes to this Privacy Policy, we will also notify Users by means of a notice on our Web sites. Please check this Web site regularly for information about revisions to our Privacy Policy.

Official Language

All services to be provided, all obligations of Maptive, and all communications between the parties with respect to this Privacy Policy will be done in the English language. The parties to this Privacy Policy confirm and agree that this Policy, and all related documentation will be in the English language. Web pages which are translated from English may contain errors / omissions. If for any reason the translated text is incorrect the English text shall be deemed as the official notice.

Contacting Maptive We value your opinions and feedback. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of the Service, or your dealings with Maptive, contact:

Maptive Client Services: [email protected]