Mapping for Journalists & Bloggers

Include Maps in Articles & Posts
Journalists and bloggers can use our mapping software to include maps alongside of news stories and blog posts. Maps can show anything from a list of local businesses to the density of crimes in a city.


Understand Complex Data
Mapping complex data helps you gain insight and better understand the significance of your data. Maptive increases the insights gained from mapping even more by providing grouping and filtering capabilities. Grouping can be used to make the relationships between data clear. Filtering enables you to view data points at multiple levels of granularity on a single map and allows you to screen out elements of your data to view only what is most helpful to you. Filters can be easily turned on and off to allow for a multitude of “views” into your data.

Present Data
You can create custom maps to present findings to colleagues and to illustrate your point in a publication. You can use Maptive in live presentations and take advantage of its interactive features to highlight and illustrate different elements of your data using filtering and grouping. You can also save low- or hi-resolution images of your map to use in offline presentations.

Teach Students
Visual aids are essential as teaching tools. With Maptive you can quickly and easily transform dry, complicated statistics and other data into informative maps that will hold your students’ attention, help them learn, and deepen their understanding.

Membership Tracking
Universities will find Maptive useful for tracking and keeping in touch with Alumni and other membership groups and societies.

Fundraising & Canvassing
Non-profits and those campaigning for political purposes will find Maptive an indispensable tool for maximizing and simplifying fundraising and canvassing efforts.