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Maptive's Google-based mapping tool helps businesses map customer locations and gain insights by representing information visually. Maptive converts location data from a spreadsheet into a custom Google map that is editable and interactive and can be saved and shared with others. Maptive maps can incorporate any and all data contained in your Google or Excel spreadsheets and will display all of your spreadsheet information in a marker bubble.

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Customer Mapping software with all the tools you will need to grow your business.

Once you map your customers, Maptive provides hundreds or tools and settings that can help you to customize your customer map to best fit your needs. We have provided a couple of ideas about how you can use your customer map below, however we know that every business has different needs so feel free to view all our features, or chat with us using the button in the lower right hand corner of the screen to see if our maps can meet your needs. You can also start a free trial to test out a map with your own customer locations.

Route planning for visiting multiple customer locations

A map of customer locations can be used by your sales team to navigate from one location to another by providing driving directions. Using the power of Google Maps, Maptive provides the ability to find the fastest route possible between up to 25 customer locations. Maptive can even find an almost perfect route for up to 75 location. This allows your sales team to visit your customers, or potential customers as quickly as possible. Ultimately this can save you both time and money.

Sales and marketing tool

Maps of customer locations can reveal valuable information about the scope of your business and customer base – patterns, gaps, saturation, etc. – that can help focus your sales and advertising efforts.

Maps of customer locations can also be used by your sales team to show potential clients satisfied, nearby customers or to demonstrate a need for your product or service by revealing gaps in their region.

Beyond mapping customer locations: customer analytics

Maptive has countless applications in the business world – its uses are truly only limited by the quality of the data collected.

Imagine what you can do with customer data that includes not just names and addresses but also details about your relationship with the customer, their history, their desires for the future, and more. With quality customer data, you will be able to create maps that help you target precisely the right customer, help determine where each customer is in the sales cycle, what type of materials to send to whom, and so much more. With better quality data, Maptive can help you make even better decisions.

Maptive can quickly bring a large amount of spreadsheet data to life visually, especially with the use of our grouping and filtering features. Grouping can help you organize and understand the relationships between data, while filtering lets you view data points at multiple levels of granularity on a single map or screen out elements of your data leaving only what is most helpful to you. Filters can be easily turned on and off to allow for a multitude of “views” into your data, which can then be saved or shared with others. Other tools, such as the option to cluster dense marker areas or cluster markers using Pie Charts, support analysis by giving shape to complex data.

Maptive means that individuals will no longer have to rely on idiosyncratic methods of analysis to determine how to approach sales and marketing efforts. Now, teams can come together around this visual and insightful approach to making better decisions in business.

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