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Even though most of the data collected about your organization has a geographic component, Location Intelligence Software is an often overlooked tool when it come to analyzing data, By ignoring the location aspect of your data you could be missing opportunities that can be easily seen using Maptive's software.

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How do I get started with Location Intelligence Software?

After you sign up for a free trial, all you have to do is load a spreadsheet with your data. As long as each row of your data has a geographic component we will be able to map it on a custom Google Map. The geographic portion of the data can be as specific as an address, or as general as a country. You can even load your own latitudes and longitudes if the location of your data is off the grid.

What can I use Location Intelligence for?

Location intelligence can help you find geographic relationships between your data that can be lost when simply looking at it on a spreadsheet. It can help you create visual representations of your raw data that sit on top of custom Google Map. These layers can help you to identify patterns and trends that can help your business efforts.

  • Site Selection. When your business is looking to expand, selecting the right location can be the difference between success and failure. Using Maptive you can draw a radius around all of your current locations. This allows you to see areas that may currently be under served. You can also look at demographic data about perspective locations to see if the new location closely matches other successful locations in income, age, or ethnicity.
  • Analyze Customer Data. Mapping your customers gives you a quick and easy way to identify pockets of customer activity. This can be done by looking at the individual customer markers or by creating a heat map of customer locations, or sales. Once you identify these hot spots you can start to make conclusions about why customer adoption is higher in some areas and not others. You may find that there are demographic, marketing, or logistical reasons for high adoption of your product or service. This market analysis can help you make business decisions in the future.
  • Territory Management. Maptive provides the ability to create and manage territories across your organization. Territories can be drawn or created based on geographic boundaries like zip codes. Once created you can aggregate data in your spreadsheets into these territories. This allows you to easily compare different territories to make business decisions. Even if you do not have territories in your business you can use geographic boundaries to makes the same comparisons.
  • Optimizing Transportation. Whether you need to find the fastest route between sales calls, deliveries, or even to pick up kids on a bus route, Maptive’s routing tool can find the best route between the locations. This can help you reduce the time and gas spent on transportation.

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