Mapping for Academia

University Administrators & Professors

Maptive is a web-based mapping tool with capabilities that make it invaluable for anyone in academia. Mapped data provides a visual perspective into your work that helps you do more and do it better. It will help you work more efficiently and effectively, gain a deeper understanding of your data, and better communicate ideas and insights.

Administrative Work

College administrators can use Maptive in a variety of ways that will save time and increase productivity.

Track Student Demographics

Create maps from data about incoming students—hometown zip code, ethnicity, gender, age, and more—to understand the makeup of your student body. Mapping zip codes can help you recognize where your students are coming from and enable you to develop targeted recruiting strategies. Maps of your student population over the years can reveal changes and patterns and can help you plan and strategize.

Maptive offers tools that make understanding your data even easier. The option to cluster dense marker areas will let you quickly see areas of high and low recruitment. And the ability to cluster markers using pie charts can help you grasp who your students are and where they are coming from.

Track Jobs for Graduates

Keep an up-to-date map of job openings to help graduates find jobs. Graduates will be able to conduct job searches by filtering* and grouping to view maps that meet their specific requirements. And they will be able to access all of the information you have gathered about each job opening by clicking on map markers.

Membership Tracking

Universities will find Maptive useful for tracking and keeping in touch with Alumni and members of other groups. Alumni tracking will make fundraising easier and more effective. It can also be used as a recruiting tool to show potential students what former students have done with their degrees.

Conference Planning

Mapping conference attendees can help you track who is coming. Maptive’s filtering* and grouping tools will allow you to create different map views to assist with diverse tasks. You can even map locations of buildings and rooms to schedule hundreds of speakers for presentations over numerous days.


Maptive will help maximize and simplify fundraising efforts. It will enable you to maintain and analyze detailed information about prospects. Maps that reveal where prospects live can facilitate one-on-one visits. A map view showing fields of study/departments can help with allocating responsibilities. And maps that show prospecting stages can assist with targeted letter writing.

Understand & Interpret Data

When complex data is mapped, it better enables you to gain insight. Maptive can help you interpret data gathered from studies, surveys, fieldwork, research, and more. It offers powerful analytical tools, including grouping and filtering*. Grouping can be used to make relationships between data clear. Filtering will enable you to view data points at multiple levels of granularity on a single map. It also allows you to screen out elements of your data so you can view only what is most helpful. Filters can be easily turned on and off to allow for a multitude of views into your data.

Present Data

Maptive maps are perfect for presentations and publications. You can create a map that will help you present your findings to colleagues or illustrate your point in a publication. During online presentations, you can take advantage of Maptive’s filtering* and grouping capabilities to highlight and illustrate different elements of your data. For offline presentations, you can save and use multiple views of your data as low- or high-resolution images.

Teach Students

Visual aids are essential as teaching tools. With Maptive, you can quickly and easily transform dry, complicated data into informative maps that will hold your students’ attention, help them learn, and deepen their understanding. When giving online presentations, you will be able to turn filters and groups on and off to provide visuals that emphasize different points as you go.

Plan Excursions

Maptive helps you plan your days when you are in the field doing research or taking a group of students on a tour. When you map your destination points, Maptive can provide driving directions. It can also help you get around more efficiently by plotting the best route between locations.

Map Achievements

Do you have a colleague who has done community work throughout your state; has your department carried out excavations all over the world; have your graduates found noteworthy jobs in diverse cities? With Maptive, you can commemorate successes with a map illustrating achievements to hang on your wall or give as a gift.

*A feature of Maptive 4, the newest version of our mapping software. Maptive 4 will be released in the first quarter of 2013.