Store Locator – Location Finder

The Location Finder Tool basically acts as store locator software for the locations you load into your map. Enter any address, or let the store locator use your current location, and the tool will find the closest locations to that spot. Once the location search is finished, the details about the locations will be displayed along the right side of the map. This will include the distance to your location, the store name, address, and links that will help you find directions to the store using Maptive or Google maps. Maptive will also zoom the map so that your location and the results are easy to see.

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What can I use the location finder tool for?

  • Store Locator Software. Load all your store information into Maptive and then embed the resulting map in your store locator page. This will allow your customers to easily find the store that is closest to them
  • Product Locator Software. If you have a list of all the places where your product is available for sale you can load that data into Maptive and use our map as a product locator. This lets people, who are looking for your product, know exactly where to find it.
  • Get Distance Information Fast. Use the Location Finder Tool to quickly and conveniently get a complete list of distances to all locations plotted on your map. Distances can be shown in either miles or kilometers.
  • View Location Details in 1-Click. From the Location Finder Tool you also get instant access to location details. Clicking on location details from the digest of locations will direct you to your map marker—which gives you a quick view of all data that you have uploaded about your location.
  • Email Direction Links Directly To Your Mobile Device. You can also save even more time by use the Location Finder Tool to send direction navigation links right to your mobile device. Clicking the link will open Google maps on your phone and allow you to begin navigating to your locations in seconds.
  • View Directions Right In The App. The Location Finder Tool can also be used to get a step-by-step list of navigation directions to locations near you. From this navigation list, additional destinations can be added, your route can be optimized, and your directions can be printed.

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