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Many organizations rely on location intelligence software to make informed strategic decisions that move their businesses forward. But what is the right location intelligence software for your company? There are many options on the market, and each software provides a slightly different feature set.

Below, we provide basic information on location intelligence software and the role it plays across different industries. We also provide a rundown of your 10 best location intelligence software options for 2024. Explore the list to find the best location intelligence software for your unique business.

What is Location Intelligence Software?

Location intelligence software, also called “spatial intelligence software,” is a business intelligence solution that provides location analytics to identify the relationship between certain objects based on their physical locations. You can also think of any software option as a map-based analytics platform for location data, data management, and related customer data.

Location intelligence tools enable users to see trends on maps and graphics to optimize certain business opportunities. Users can derive patterns and trends from these location analytics with the help of features like density analysis, distance and travel data, and geospatial mapping for determining terrain, among other features.

What are the use cases for a location intelligence solution? Imagine you operate a fleet of local delivery trucks that needs route optimization. Or imagine you’re looking for the perfect place to build a senior living community based on demographic data. Or imagine you manage a door-to-door sales team. Location intelligence software can help you solve location-related problems, plan strategically, and maximize day-to-day operations.

Best Location Intelligence Software for 2024

Businesses across a wide range of industries use location intelligence software to optimize operations and maximize revenue. However, the ideal location intelligence software for your business may be different than the perfect option for a business operating in a different industry. Here’s a look at your best location intelligence software options for 2024, including notes on what software options work best for different use cases.

1. Maptive (Best All-Around Business Data Mapping)


Maptive is the best all-around software for business data mapping. It’s a great option for real estate firms, sales teams, healthcare businesses, transport and supply chain operations, plus more. Maptive offers a robust feature set that can support your team in analyzing spatial data, using predictive analytics to make business decisions, plus more.

Maptive offers tools that can help any type of business, including drive time maps, heat maps, territory mapping tools, demographics, geographic boundary mapping, and data grouping, plus full customization of visualizations. Maptive will also soon launch CRM integrations so that you can connect the platform to your existing CRM.

To learn more about Maptive’s mapping software and its business data mapping capabilities, schedule a demo. You can also start exploring Maptive through a free trial — no credit card required.

2. Alteryx (For AI-Based Location Intelligence Software)

Alteryx offers a comprehensive platform for data analytics, including cleansing and standardizing addresses, exploring customer locations, and understanding demographics and purchasing behaviors. The platform also provides tools for marketing strategy development and process automation. With Alteryx, businesses can achieve desired outcomes through data analysis and through leveraging that data more effectively.

Alteryx is your best bet for advanced machine-learning-based location intelligence software. There may be a learning curve as you and your team get up and running on how to use Alteryx, but it can provide value as a location intelligence tool.

3. Carto (For Spatial Analysis)

Some businesses specifically need spatial analysis, which is the practice of evaluating the relationships between locations, their attributes, and their features. Businesses use spatial analysis to yield valuable business insights.

If your organization is specifically interested in spatial analysis, Carto can be a good option that meets your needs. Its location intelligence platform allows you to store, enrich, analyze and visualize your data in order to make spatially aware decisions. This can give you an edge over your competitors and help you deliver on goals.

4. Scribble Maps (For Basic Mapping)

Not all businesses need complex location intelligence software that’s going to deliver rich insights. Some need basic mapping capabilities, which makes a simplified and basic tool like Scribble Maps helpful.

Keep in mind that Scribble Maps is not the best option for companies that need location intelligence software on a daily basis. Rather, Scribble Maps is a great option for organizations that need a stripped-down version of location intelligence tools that can provide general information and guidance. If that describes your organization, Scribble Maps might be the right software at the right price.

5. Esri ArcGis (For Advanced GIS Mapping)


Esri ArcGIS is a geographic information system (hence the GIS in the name) that offers unique capabilities and flexible licensing for applying location-based analytics to business practices. This location intelligence tool gives users insights via contextual tools to visualize and analyze data. Users can collaborate and share through maps, apps, dashboards and reports.

For advanced GIS mapping, Esri ArcGIS is one of your best software options. If you’re looking for location intelligence software that’s a little more well-rounded, you will want to explore others on this list.

6. Salesforce Maps (For Salesforce CRM Users)

If your organization is already using Salesforce as its CRM, it is relatively fast and easy to get up and running with Salesforce Maps as your cloud based mapping software. Salesforce Maps is specifically a good tool for sales and service teams who need to optimize their routes and get live updates from the field. It can be applied to other use cases, but field sales team are the most natural fit.

With Salesforce Maps, you can visualize data, plan smart visits, and focus on high-value leads and appointments. In addition, Salesforce Maps saves time previously spent on planning and administration, allowing you to focus on other tasks. These features make Salesforce Maps a quality option for companies already using the platform as their CRM.

7. Geopointe (For a Salesforce Mapping Alternative)


Salesforce Maps isn’t the only option for Salesforce CRM users. You can also choose Geopointe as your location intelligence software, which allows you to improve your business trip planning and execution. With features like calendar-based scheduling, routing, and nearby search, Geopointe makes it simple and straightforward to plan and execute trips for maximum efficiency.

Geopointe can also help you intelligently manage your sales territories. With features like the shape editor and automated assignment, Geopointe makes it easy to map out and manage your territories — ensuring that they are equitable for all reps.

Your organization may not want to use Salesforce Maps for some reason. If that’s the case, Geopointe is your next best alternative.

8. KeepTruckin (For Transport)


Some location intelligence software options fit well with specific industries. In the transport industry, KeepTruckin is one of your best options. Route optimization is one of the benefits of choosing transport-specific software like KeepTruckin.

KeepTruckin helps keep drivers safe while reducing operating costs. It offers insights that can prevent accidents before they happen, as well as real-time GPS tracking and AI dashcam capabilities. KeepTruckin also offers a network of connected vehicles, which helps users create benchmarks for safety and efficiency alongside others in North America.

9. HyperTrack (For Logistics)


HyperTrack is another location intelligence software option that works best within a specific industry — logistics in this case.

HyperTrack helps businesses of all sizes improve asset utilization, satisfy customers with live order tracking, and accelerate time to market. Its logistics cloud powers real-time location experiences in both web and native app experiences. Use HyperTrack’s APIs, SDKs, and embed views to take your use case live in short order.

The HyperTrack platform is trusted by logistics companies to drive operational efficiency.

10. Traveltime (For Accurate Travel Time Maps)


Some organizations that need location intelligence tools simply need to calculate accurate travel times. As the name suggests, Traveltime is a good option for these organizations.

Traveltime can calculate times using both public transport and multimodal data. It’s fast, too, calculating travel times in 60 milliseconds or less. Traveltime is available in countries around the world, and it offers customizable parameters that you can use to support your specific use case.

For accurate travel times alone, Traveltime is one of your best options.

What Location Intelligence Software is Best for Your Business?

As you can see when exploring the list above, there’s no shortage of location intelligence software to consider when you need location-based insights for your business. The only question is: What features and functionality do you need?

The best intelligence software for location data that fits your organization will be the one that helps streamline your work, create efficiencies within your business, and ultimately drive more revenue.

If you’re interested in exploring Maptive as your location intelligence software of choice, get in touch with us to learn more.

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