Radius Map - Commercial Real Estate Use Case

Make better business decisions

In commercial real estate, it’s all about making the right investments in property. Choosing the right location and ensuring return on investment is paramount. The site selection process is made a lot easier when you have the right data. Maptive’s powerful mapping tools & integration with Google Places location data allows you to create powerful data visualizations that help in the decision-making process.

Sifting through columns of information in a spreadsheet and trying to plot that data using the limited mapping solutions provided in a CRM is extremely time-consuming. And time is something a commercial real estate broker rarely has.

Reduce Costs & Boost Productivity

Use your time more efficiently. Mapping software offers strategic planning benefits and insights that other tools can't provide. Manage sales territories, visualize competitors & customers, track inventories and create optimized routes for yourself or for your team.

Increase Sales & Leads

There is no limit to what you can do with Maptive. Map your recent sales data, track leads, or plan marketing campaigns. Boost your lead generation efforts using built-in demographics data. Plan and coordinate marketing efforts to make the most of your advertising budgets.

Improve Decison Making

Identify demographic and geographic markets with new customers. Find out where the most profitable customers are, prime locations, or conduct a site analysis.

Close More Deals

There are 106,548 real estate brokerage firms operating in the United States. Get an edge over the competition by creating more value for clients with maps. Maptive allows you to share the custom maps you create with clients and employees.

Demographic Map New York City - Map Coordinates

How Can Maptive Mapping Software Help?

Maptive is a leading provider of commercial real estate mapping software. By uploading or inputting your location-based data into our software you can instantly plot it on an interactive map and compare it to its close competitive locations using our powerful connection to Google Places Data.

From there you can customize your map using a variety of mapping tools, including adding demographics, dividing it into different territories, using our drawing tool to graphically modify Google Maps, and filtering which data appears. This allows you to create beautiful presentation-ready maps to help your clients find their dream property.

What Are You and Your Clients Looking to Achieve?

Your Goals

  • Find an easy solution for organizing, analyzing, and presenting your data.
  • Educate potential buyers.
  • Present yourself as data-savvy.
  • Sell more commercial real estate properties.

Your Clients’ Goals

  • Receive information about properties in a way that’s easy to understand.
  • Discover properties that meet their requirements.
  • Find and buy a property that they’re happy with.

How Does Our Commercial Real Estate Mapping Software Help You and Your Clients Reach Your Goals?

Maptive is able to take a wide range of location-based data and transform it into beautiful maps that are easy for both you and your clients to understand.

Here are a few ways Maptive can help you both achieve your goals:

Population Density Map - Commercial Real Estate Use Case

Territory and Demographics Tools

Our territory tool allows you to divide up your map into different sub-markets. From there, you can display a wide range of demographic data within each market. This includes housing, age, education, income, transportation, labor, gender, and more.

With this valuable information at your disposal, you’ll be able to better educate your clients and inform them which sub-markets they should be looking at.

Pin Map - Mapping Software

Pin Maps

As a commercial real estate broker, you likely have dozens, maybe even hundreds of properties available at any one time. By uploading all of your available properties into Maptive’s commercial real estate mapping software you can quickly get a visual representation of all of your properties. This allows you to focus on the ones available in the markets your clients are interested in.

Location List - Commercial Real Estate Use Case

Google Places Data (Coming Soon)

You can also search Google Places listings within Maptive, putting one of the most powerful data tools directly at your fingertips. Say your clients are looking for a new location for their sushi restaurant: using Google Places, you can plot the location of other local sushi restaurants on the map, allowing you to identify available properties that are away from any direct competition.

Real Estate Use Case GIS Software

Filter Tool

Your clients likely have a long list of requirements for any property they’re going to purchase. Luckily, Maptive’s filter tool lets you de-clutter your map and only display properties that meet your clients’ criteria.

For each property, you can enter a long list of stats and features that you can then filter in an out of the map. Here’s some additional data you may wish to include:

  • Square footage
  • Vacancy status
  • Zoning
  • Building amenities
  • Sale price

With this option, you can present your clients with an attractive map that only includes properties they might be interested in.

Why Should Maptive Be Your Choice For Commercial Real Estate Mapping Software?

The answer is, for all the reasons above and more:

  • The territory tool makes it easy to add different sub-markets to your map.
  • You can analyze a wide range of demographic data.
  • Pin maps allow you to quickly visualize where all of your available properties are located.
  • You can filter out properties that don’t meet your clients’ requirements.
  • It makes it easier for you to help your clients find their dream property.

Sign up for a free trial of Maptive today and discover how our mapping software can help you grow your business.