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Automated Territory Creation and Optimization (Coming Mid 2024)

Automated Territory Optimization (Coming Mid 2024)

Automated Territory Creation Tool
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Automated Territory Creation Tool

Manual sales territory management is traditionally a challenging and tedious process. To properly optimize territories requires a sales manager constantly crunching the numbers and watching each territory with an eagle eye. Thankfully, advancements in AI and algorithmic software solutions don’t have to be this way anymore. 

Maptive’s automated territory optimization technology leverages an algorithm developed and continually updated and improved by We Map Sales. We Map Sales specializes exclusively in developing territory optimization technology and provides the most advanced feature set in the industry for all your territory building needs.

Automated territory creation & optimization tools like Maptive’s allow sales team managers to complete tasks in minutes rather than days. By automating this process, they not only save time but also create more effective territories.

In this article, we’ll talk about Maptive’s upcoming Automated Territory Tool, including how it works and why you should consider it for your business.

Territory Automation

The Problem with Traditional Enterprise Territory Management

Without automated territory planning, many sales managers continue to work with unbalanced territory maps due to the effort required every time a sales territory plan needs to be updated. Unbalanced sales territories are ones where sales reps don’t have equal opportunities to succeed, which results in high employee turnover and lost sales opportunities. 

For sales teams to be successful, there has to be fair allocation and management of territories. A well-balanced territory maximizes sales and profits by ensuring that workload and opportunity are fairly and correctly distributed. It also results in more sales goals being met and higher customer satisfaction.

What is Automated Territory Optimization (ATO)?

ATO is the process of generating territories that maximize sales by assigning accounts to salespeople based on defined metrics and constraints, such as sales numbers, geographical boundaries, market size, and potential.

The Benefits of Automated Territory Optimization Software

Automated territory optimization helps maximize your sales team’s motivation by properly matching their potential to clients. Optimized territories increase sales by up to 7% without any other changes. In addition, balanced territories ensure that sales opportunities are not lost due to workload and opportunity imbalances among sales reps. 

Companies using automated sales territory alignment and planning see a 15% increase in revenue by identifying net-new upsell opportunities. With unbalanced sales territories, opportunities are often missed because sales reps are so busy that they don’t have time to get to obvious leads. Balancing territories will ensure that leads are worked on in the most efficient and time-sensitive nature possible, reducing the possibility of missing leads from unbalanced time.

The average cost to replace a sales rep is nearly $100,000, according to a 2016 survey by DePaul University. ATO helps you to reduce salesforce turnover caused by unequal opportunities and ensures a balanced workload. 

Businesses see a 20% increase in sales productivity with travel efficient and balanced territories. Maptive’s automated territory generation and route planning tools help you build territories based on sales rep locations. This decreases costs by up to 15% and reduces travel times. 

Automated territory optimization lets territory managers quickly adapt to changes in the market, such as losing salespeople, adding new customers and markets, and adding new products. No more manually trying to balance territories, which slows down your business. Instead, visualize key metrics and identify risk factors that could be costing your business.


Spend up to 75% less time on territory design and planning and more time growing other areas of your business.

Sales territory optimization reduces coverage overlap. This leads to happier customers since multiple salespeople aren’t contacting them over and over again.

Being able to measure each territories’ true value helps identify imbalances quickly. ATO allows you to create a more equitable environment for everyone involved. Identify underutilized salespeople and situations that could be causing inequity or lost customers due to unbalanced workloads.

Territory Automation

ATO isn’t Just for Sales

Many other types of businesses that utilize territories can benefit from using automated territory generation tools:

  • Franchises: Use demographic data to create territories for new franchise locations. These territories can then be used to determine sales potential and sell potential franchisees on your business.
  • Service Area Businesses: Create territories for each location and ensure you have the staff and resources necessary to service your customers in each region. This improves customer satisfaction and helps you identify coverage gaps.
  • Retail: Organize your locations by region to better measure the performance of your business. Use this data to decide how to utilize your resources best and determine if there’s enough demand for new locations.
  • Delivery and Logistics: Increase efficiency by assigning territories to each of your locations and optimizing their routes.


Maptive Automated Territory Optimization Features

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Automated Territory Optimization – Coming Fall 2023

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