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what is location intelligence
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what is location intelligence

  • Map out the fastest and most profitable routes
  • Upload location data from Excel
  • Easily share and export routes and directions
  • 100% cloud-based
  • User friendly
  • Fully integrated with Google Maps

What Can You Do with a Driving Radius Map?

Travel Time Maps

If you’ve ever struggled when preparing a local marketing strategy or optimizing logistics for your business, creating a driving radius map is the solution. With Maptive, you will not only be able to see where you can travel to in a given amount of time, but you can also access US Census data for more efficient sales prospecting and assess the potential for business locations.

How Does It Work?

To use Maptive’s Driving Radius Map tool, simply:

Why Maptive

Why Maptive?

  • Real-Time, Accurate Drive Time Data
  • Determine Distances from Any Location on Your Map
  • Access Maptive From Anywhere: Maptive is Cloud-Based, Mobile-Friendly, and Features Global Coverage
  • Get Powerful Enterprise-Level Functionality—No Software or Coding Required.
  • Group & Segment Your Data and Conduct Proximity Analysis Easily
  • Fully Customize Your Map’s Appearance
  • Share, Print, Embed, and Display Your Maps
  • Map Safely, Securely, & Reliably: Maptive is Powered by Google Maps and Protected with 256-Bit SSL Encryption

Unique Radius Tool Features

  • Overlap multiple radius circles around a single location marker for deeper analysis.
  • Adjust your set distance in real-time with Maptive’s proximity tool.
  • Select a custom color for your radius to make it easy to find and categorize.
  • Identify your locations and add information directly to your map with custom labels and pop-ups.
  • Export the locations within your radius into a XLS or CSV file.
  • Save your data to the cloud so you and your team can work on your driving radius map whenever, wherever. This is particularly useful for permanent data sets, like the zip codes for your offices or stores or the addresses of your warehouses.
  • Group and filter your data with a single click to add a radius to, or extract information from, all the locations in your preferred parameters.
  • Use the Drive Time Polygon Tool to create travel time and commute time maps.

 Start Using Better Tools for Location Intelligence Today

Make better decisions backed up by data, save your business time and money, and gain insights at scale. With Maptive’s intuitive Driving Radius Map tool, users can easily visualize their location data and make informed business decisions.

Give your organization a competitive boost with the most complete and easy-to-use Driving Radius Map software available.


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