Custom Map Markers

Changing the color or style of your markers makes it easy to visually differentiate your marker data. With our custom marker tool you can choose from a list of markers, upload your own, or have text display as the marker.


There are several very easy ways to customize the markers or pins on your map. The quickest method is to set a column in your data as the group by column. This can be done using the Grouping Tool and will set the color of the marker based on a column of data in your spreadsheet. You can also use the tools below to customize how your data displays on a map.

Custom Marker Tool

The custom marker tool provides you with several options to change the way your pin looks on the map. Your first option is to pick from one of our 16 default marker sets. Each one of these sets has 30 different colors which are usually more than enough to display the different types of markers that you have. If the markers provided do not fit your needs you can simple upload an image to use as your map icon. The image you upload could be a marker you designed, a corporate logo, or any icon that you want to display for that location on the map. These markers are saved and can be reused within the same map or on future maps.

Whether you select one of our markers or load a map icon of your own, you can also use the custom marker tool to display a text label above the marker on the map. The labels float above the location on the map and could provide data like a store name or a sales rep.

The Custom marker tool can be used to change an individual marker, a group of markers, or every marker on the map. For more detail instructions on how to customize markers click here.

Text Markers on a Map

You can add text markers to your google map with just the flip of a switch. Simply go to the Map Settings menu then turn on the “Marker Labels (from data)” option. This will let you select a column in your spreadsheet to act as the pin on your map. The pin will contain the text that was in that row and column of data. If you would prefer to number your markers you can select the “Number Marker Labels” option and the markers will be numbered according to their order in the spreadsheet. For either of these options you can select the font size and color of the marker.

Lastly you can add labels above your custom markers by selecting the “Labels Above Markers” option in the Map Settings Menu. With this tool you can also use one of the columns in your data and it will display a label above whatever marker you have already chosen for your location.

Customize Markers using the Google Maps API

If you would prefer to do it the hard way and use google maps directly. You can customize your maps markers using the Google Maps API instructions here. Using the API will take a lot more time and may require you to hire a developer. Maptive’s mapping software is free to try and can create a beautiful map with custom markers for you in just a few minutes while still using the power of Google Maps.

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Map With Pins

Imagine you could make your own customized map that contained multiple locations and was supported by the robust capabilities of Google maps. Imagine you could customize each map marker so that you could easily differentiate one location type from another. Imagine inputting your location information was as simple as uploading an excel spreadsheet.


Ah well. Maybe one day.

Oh, we’re just pulling your pins. The day when you can easily make a map with pins that is customized to your unique specifications is here. With Maptive, you can transform even large, complex data sets into beautiful visualizations in seconds.

We pride ourselves on creating maps that are as unique as each of our users. We want to give you all the tools you may need to create map with pins that conform to the specifications of your individual requirements. With this in mind, we have created a complete tool kit that allows you to manipulate your geographical data so that you are in the driver’s seat.

“But surely,” you ask, “you must have advanced technical know-how in order to make a map with pins that operates on this level of sophistication?” That’s the really fun part. You don’t. If you’ve managed to log on to the internet — which we’re taking an educated guess you have — you have the knowledge you need. No coding, no complicated sign up processes, just easy-to-use, customizable map marker magnificence.

If you’d like to see our suite for yourself, we’d like to give you a test drive. Why not sign up for our free trial?

  • Simply create an account.
  • Upload your location data using one of the various methods available to you.
  • Start mapping!

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Before you go to sleep tonight, you could make a map with pins that puts even the most famous of cartographers to shame.

Our maps allow you to see insights into your data that you would not have been able to recognize when it was still in its raw form. Not only will we help you bring dormant epiphanies to the fore, but we will also make doing so look so incredibly good.

Our beautiful maps are far more sophisticated than what you might expect from the effort it takes to create map with pins on Maptive. You’ll be so proud of what you have created that you’ll want to share your map-sterpiece with the world. (Luckily, we’ve thought of that too. Our maps are shareable, embeddable, printable, and oh-so lovable.)

We are supported by the megalithic force that is Google Maps, meaning that all the features available to you on the navigational platform that you have come to know and love are part and parcel of what we offer — we’ve just taken things to the next level. While you may frequently use Google Maps to navigate between specific destinations, with Maptive, you can easily travel from one pin to the next on a multiple route journey that is optimized for efficiency. See how we did that? That’s right — we exploded the possibilities of what you thought was possible with contemporary mapping software.

Are you ready to create a map with pins that is truly your own? We’ll show you how.

Create A Map With Pins:

First things first, we need to know what locations you’d like to map. You can tell us by uploading a spreadsheet, using our drag and drop function to get your data onto our system, or by loading each location individually.

Next step. Now that we know a little more about you, it’s time to teach you a little more about us. We have various tools in our toolbox that will help you learn how to create a map with pins that best reflects the needs of your data. We’ll take you through them.

Grouping Tool:

The grouping tool is your first port of call when you want to create map with pins. This is how simple it is.

  1. First upload your spreadsheet data.
  2. Then, set a pin type based on a column of data in your spreadsheet. All it takes to do this is to change the group using the drop down menu. You can then display the images side by side or on top of each other.

    map marker goupings

  3. Get customizing with our custom marker tools! (Hang on. We’ll tell you a little more about this in a moment.)
    The grouping tool is an outstanding means of comparing and displaying different data sets. Within the click of a few buttons, a complex data set is visualized in a manner that oozes clarity. It’s simply amazing how insights that have long been buried in your spreadsheets scream at you from your Maptive maps. You’ll experience moments of lucidity like never before.

Now it’s time to get really fancy. We want you to have full agency when it comes to the design of your maps. Here’s how.

Custom Marker Tool:

Our custom marker tool allows you to decide on the look and feel of your map’s markers — and we wouldn’t be Maptive if we didn’t give you more than one way to do it.

Our custom marker tool allows you to decide on the look and feel of your map’s markers — and we wouldn’t be Maptive if we didn’t give you more than one way to do it.

  1. Use Our Marker Library –
    The first option is to change the color and style of your markers using the marker library we have available. We have 16 default marker sets for you to choose from.

custom map pins

Why, thank you! We think they’re beautiful too. We offer variety when it comes to the size, color and perspective of our pins. Our objective is to ensure that your end product feels like it reflects the design of your specific project.

  • Upload Your Own Markers –
    Now things get really fun. Upload your own images to use as pins on your map. You can select images that align with your branding, show different location types, or are simply really, really cool. Perhaps you would like to create a map with your company’s logo on it to show where all your branches are, or show the presence of different location types in a particular area. Or maybe you just want to map all the places you went on your honeymoon. Yes, a pin with your cute little faces will look great on one of our maps. Upload your favorite 70 x 70 image and you’re on your way!
  • Create Text Labels –
    If you need to label your locations, we provide you with the option to do so. Create labels per data set or individual labels per location — it’s up to you. Use this tool in conjunction with the grouping tool to display color coded location types on your map. You can number your markers based on a chosen column in your spreadsheet, or use descriptive labels. Whether you would like to use this to map sales areas, display the names of experts in particular areas or make personal notes, our text labels will help you see your information in a new light. This kind of clarity is only a few clicks away.


custom text on maps

How Our Users Create Google Map With Pins:

We’d like to tell you a little story about a man named Mark Er. When Mark worked out how to make a map with pins on Maptive, he felt like he entered a new chapter — or should we say, mapter — in his life.

You see, Mark owns three different businesses. Each of these businesses has over seven different locations. Visualizing this data comprehensively has always been a challenge for this busy entrepreneur. Identifying new opportunities, navigating between one business and another, deciding on how best to space out his various outlets — all of these challenges had left Mark feeling more than a little overwhelmed. Until he discovered that when you create map with pins using our superior cloud-based software, insights and clarity come within the click of a few buttons.

Mark can log into his map from any of his devices, regardless of whether he is stationed in his head office, at home with his children, or traveling between his many locations. The first thing he sees is that his territories have been neatly grouped using the grouping tool. In addition to this, the logos of each of his companies beam back at him. Within seconds, he can work out that, while there may not be more room for a camping store on 7th avenue, there is indeed an opportunity for another bagel shop in the park.

Because Mark’s maps look so professional, he feels confident sharing them with his clients and his team. He often gets questions about how on earth he manages to fit creating these beautiful data visualizations into his busy schedule. He smiles. He knows that learning how to create a map with pins was one of the easiest things he ever did and, as it turns out, the most transformative when it comes to his daily operations.

If you’d like to be like Mark, you can’t be. Mark is Mark. You are you, and the way you instruct Maptive to, “Create map with pins!” will result in your own unique creations.

Why not sign up for our free trial and start learning how to make a map with pins? You have nothing to lose but the discombobulation you may feel when it comes to your location data.

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