Custom Map Markers

Changing the color or style of your markers makes it easy to visually differentiate your marker data. With our custom marker tool you can choose from a list of markers, upload your own, or have text display as the marker.


There are several very easy ways to customize the markers or pins on your map. The quickest method is to set a column in your data as the group by column. This can be done using the Grouping Tool and will set the color of the marker based on a column of data in your spreadsheet. You can also use the tools below to customize how your data displays on a map.

Custom Marker Tool

The custom marker tool provides you with several options to change the way your pin looks on the map. Your first option is to pick from one of our 16 default marker sets. Each one of these sets has 30 different colors which are usually more than enough to display the different types of markers that you have. If the markers provided do not fit your needs you can simple upload an image to use as your map icon. The image you upload could be a marker you designed, a corporate logo, or any icon that you want to display for that location on the map. These markers are saved and can be reused within the same map or on future maps.

Whether you select one of our markers or load a map icon of your own, you can also use the custom marker tool to display a text label above the marker on the map. The labels float above the location on the map and could provide data like a store name or a sales rep.

The Custom marker tool can be used to change an individual marker, a group of markers, or every marker on the map. For more detail instructions on how to customize markers click here.

Text Markers on a Map

You can add text markers to your google map with just the flip of a switch. Simply go to the Map Settings menu then turn on the “Marker Labels (from data)” option. This will let you select a column in your spreadsheet to act as the pin on your map. The pin will contain the text that was in that row and column of data. If you would prefer to number your markers you can select the “Number Marker Labels” option and the markers will be numbered according to their order in the spreadsheet. For either of these options you can select the font size and color of the marker.

Lastly you can add labels above your custom markers by selecting the “Labels Above Markers” option in the Map Settings Menu. With this tool you can also use one of the columns in your data and it will display a label above whatever marker you have already chosen for your location.

Customize Markers using the Google Maps API

If you would prefer to do it the hard way and use google maps directly. You can customize your maps markers using the Google Maps API instructions here. Using the API will take a lot more time and may require you to hire a developer. Maptive’s mapping software is free to try and can create a beautiful map with custom markers for you in just a few minutes while still using the power of Google Maps.

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