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CRM Mapping Software

Visualize your data with CRM mapping software. Plot the locations of your customers, optimize your routes, manage your sales territories, and more.

CRM Mapping Software
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CRM Mapping Software
CRM Sales Mapping Software

What is CRM Mapping Software?

CRMs have become an important tool for sales teams. They allow you to store information for customers and leads, organize contacts, and stay on top of important accounts.

However, when planning routes for sales calls, analyzing your data and managing territories, CRMs are rather ineffective. Plus, it isn’t easy to spot important trends when you’re simply looking at a list of names and addresses.

CRM mapping software takes the information stored in your CRM and plots it onto an interactive map. By visualizing your customers’ locations, you’re able to plan more effectively and discover key insights that were hiding in your data.

CRM Integrations

Benefits of CRM Mapping Software

When you use CRM mapping software, you’ll unlock several key benefits that will allow you to get the most out of your customer data:

  • Spot Trends: See the locations of your customers and sales. Double down on regions producing the most sales and focus on areas that aren’t performing.
  • Route Planning: Stop manually planning your routes. Use CRM mapping software to optimize routes between multiple locations, so your sales reps use their time more efficiently.
  • Manage Your Sales Territories: Create a territory map based on the distribution of your customers. Then, easily track the progress of each region to ensure they’re hitting their targets.
  • Identify Potential Prospects: Use Google Places technology to see what types of businesses are within your service area. For example, does your company target retail stores? Then, instantly bring up all the retailers in your area to identify new prospects.
  • Find Existing Customers: When meeting with prospects, use CRM mapping software to find existing customers nearby. Telling leads that you already work with their neighbor or other businesses in the area makes a great first impression.

How to Get Your CRM Data in Maptive (Options)

We support integrations with the most common CRM software, including Salesforce, Zoho, Keap, Pipedrive, HubSpot, and more. If your current CRM isn’t listed, simply contact Maptive to have the integration set up. Once connected, your interactive map will receive real-time updates whenever you add new data points to your CRM.

CRM Integrations Coming Mid 2024 API Access Available Now

Export your data into an Excel spreadsheet and then upload it to Maptive.

Upload or copy and paste your data directly into the mapping software.

Once your data is imported, your map will automatically be generated.

Maptive CRM Mapping Software Features

Maptive offers several valuable CRM mapping tools and features for your business:

CRM Integration Feature Coming Mid 2024 

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