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Satellite Image Mapping Software

Satellite Mapping Software

Give your maps new levels of detail with satellite images. Easily swap between standard and satellite map views to create the ideal map for your project.

Satellite Imagery Maps
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Satellite Imagery Maps
Satellite Image Maps

What is Satellite Mapping Software?

Satellite mapping software utilizes images taken from the government, NASA, or business-owned satellites. These images are far more detailed than traditional map images and even aerial imagery.

While most maps only include select information about the Earth’s surface, high-resolution satellite images contain every geological formation, manmade structure, and piece of foliage.

This makes maps created with satellite images ideal for projects that need to showcase geographic landforms, such as mountain ranges and crevices, and landmarks like buildings, roads, and highways.

The increased detail is made even more clear when you zoom in on satellite maps. See slight changes in elevation, patches of vegetation, and the exact location of any building.

Satellite maps are perfect for a wide range of tasks, including:

What Can You Do with Satellite Mapping Software?

Analyze the topography of a piece of land to see if it’s suitable for residential or commercial development.

Real Estate Management Mapping Software

Evaluate a larger area for urban development and scout sites for important infrastructure. Plan out urban planning projects using aerial views and Maptive’s drawing tools. Overlay images directly on top of maps to add depth to your projects.

Urban Planning Satellite Mapping

Plot the locations of properties you’re interested in and see if the structures on site are as advertised.

Satellite Mapping for Real Estate Assessment

Satellite Image Maps

Customizing Satellite Maps

Just like traditional maps, satellite imagery is customizable. Use your data sources and Maptive’s large toolbox to build personalized maps for your projects.

  • Map Markers: Plot customers, stores, sales reps, suppliers, and other geographic coordinates using map markers. Change the look and color of your markers however you like to make your map your own.
  • Heat Maps: Measure the density of your data in a given area. Heat maps are perfect for plotting sales, customers, population levels, and more. See where your data is most prevalent and where it’s lacking.
  • Build Territories: Create territories based on established boundaries, such as zip codes, counties, or states. Or use the drawing tool to map out custom territories based on your business locations and customers.
  • Demographic Data: Maptive gives you access to various demographic data, including population, income, education, housing, age, labor, and more. Overlay this data on top of satellite images to learn more about a specific area.

How Do You Create a Map Using a Satellite Image?

Step 1:

Sign up for a Maptive free trial account. Try Maptive for free and explore the many mapping tools we have to offer.

Maptive Signup

Step 2:

Upload or input your data. Upload datasets directly from an existing Excel spreadsheet, copy and paste your data into Maptive, or enter it manually by placing points on the map.

Upload your map data

Step 3:

Select “Map Now” to view your map. Your location data is now plotted on a beautiful interactive map.

Step 4:

Switch to Satellite View. Click the “Satellite View” button on the right side of the screen to use a satellite image for your map. Maptive is powered by Google Maps, giving us access to all of their satellite imagery.

Toggle Satellite View

Step 5:

Select your view. Observe a worldview of the entire globe or zoom in on a particular area of interest. Use the built-in search feature to find locations of interest or to add markers on the map.

Step 6:

Customize your map. Maptive makes data visualization easy. Use heat maps, boundaries, demographic data, the drawing tool, data filters, and other features to bring your data to life and personalize your map.

Why Choose Maptive?

Maptive offers the latest in interactive mapping technology. Here are a few reasons to choose our platform for your next project:

  • Cloud-Based: Maptive is completely cloud-based. Access and edit your map anywhere from any browser to always stay connected to your data.
  • Shareable: Sharing your maps has never been easier. Create a link to your map and send it to team members, download data to a spreadsheet, or embed your map on your website.
  • Secure: We use 256-bit SSL encryption and work with the best security partners to ensure your information is always kept safe.
  • Powered by Google Maps: Maptive’s GIS software is built using Google Maps API. This gives us access to their large catalog of free satellite imagery and open-source Google Earth images. It also allows us to provide Google Places integration.


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