The 11 Best Free Route Planners with Unlimited Stops

unlimited stop route planner

If you drive for a living or run a business where transportation and logistics play a big role, you know how vital route optimization is. Route planning tools have changed the way we travel and work.

Of course, not every route planner is up to the task of planning complex routes. For that, you need navigation software that can support multiple stops and multiple routes. Luckily, there are several free apps and tools that do just that.

Keep reading to discover our list of the 11 best free driving route planners with multiple or unlimited stops:

1. Google Maps – Best for Simple Routes

Google Maps Route Planner

By far, the most common route planner app is Google Maps. Virtually everyone uses this tool to get from one place to another, but not many are aware that it’s capable of planning routes with multiple stops.

Google Maps advertises that they’re able to plan routes with up to ten spots. However, there’s a trick you can use to create routes with up to 25 stops. Google Maps’ user-friendly interface and familiarity make it an excellent choice for a wide range of businesses.

Google is so revolutionary when mapping that many other providers have built their tools using Google’s API. So, it’s clear the company is doing something right when it comes to its mapping tool.

In 2023, Google Maps is introducing a few new features, including:

  • Immersive View: experience a location as if you were there, even before you physically visit it. This feature uses AI and computer vision to integrate billions of Street View and aerial images, ultimately creating a comprehensive digital representation of the world. 
  • Search with Live View: a mix of AI and augmented reality helps users locate nearby amenities like ATMs, eateries, parks, and transit stations. With this feature, users will be able to simply lift their phones while walking down the street and access useful information such as opening hours, current busyness, and ratings.
  • Electric vehicle drivers will soon be able to add charging stops to shorter trips, a filter to locate “very fast” charging stations with 150-kilowatt or higher chargers, and search results that notify users when stores like supermarkets have charging stations on-site.

However, there are some limitations. The biggest downside of Google Maps is you can’t optimize the order of your stops. Google will calculate your route in the order you enter your stops. For a truly optimized route, you’ll need to list your stops in the most efficient order, which isn’t always easy to figure out.


  • User-friendly
  • Most people already know how to use it
  • Google Street View helps you see what your destinations look like
  • Industry-leading technology


  • Can only add 10 stops (25 with a workaround)
  • You can’t optimize the order of your stops.

Available on: PC, Mac, iOS, Android

2. Maptive – Best for Professionals

Maptive Route Planning

Maptive is the best free route optimizer for professionals of every kind. Maptive offers many advanced options that simpler route optimizers like Google Maps don’t offer, such as:

  • Up to 73 stops
  • Optimizes your stops to find the shortest route
  • Offers a suite of tools like distance calculators, radius tools, and more.
  • Map location data in bulk to show all your customers, store locations, and more.
  • Overlay multiple routes
  • Customize route colors and marker appearance
  • Share maps publicly or securely

Maptive offers a free 10-day trial that gives you a chance to try out all of their tools and features for free. 

Maptive is easier to use than many tools on this list as it allows you to easily add multiple stops by clicking on the map or by typing in addresses. The Maptive interface is intuitive to use and offers lots of built-in guides.


  • Unlimited stops
  • Optimizes your stops for a more efficient route
  • Import or copy-paste location data in bulk
  • Lots of customization options
  • Lots of value-adding tools and features for businesses
  • Layer multiple routes
  • Lots of sharing options
  • Cloud-based
  • Works on all devices


  • Not 100% free – Made for business professionals
  • It takes time to learn how to use it
  • Web-based (no apps available)

Available on: Web-based

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3. Waze – Best for Personal Trips

If you’re looking for an app with excellent directions and a great user experience, it’s hard to beat Waze. The company was purchased by Google back in 2013, so you might expect it to be reasonably similar to the Maps app. However, Waze offers some innovative features that truly make it unique.

What sets Waze apart is that it collects real-time data from other users. This allows it to provide you with live traffic updates, adjusted routes, and shortcuts. The app also integrates with Spotify, which lets you receive directions while listening to music.

While Waze’s community feature is a nice perk, it’s only effective on routes that other users are traveling. If you’re in a more remote area, you won’t have access to the same amount of real-time data.  And if you are on a route with many other users, the number of icons on the screen can block your directions.

There are a few new features that will be coming to Waze in the near future:

  • Warnings regarding roads with an increased likelihood of accidents: this feature will alert drivers when they are on a route with a higher-than-average incidence of accidents.
  • Support for Android Auto Coolwalk: Waze is expanding its support for Android Auto Coolwalk, which is still in beta. The Waze team has confirmed that the app will soon be available for Coolwalk users in 2023.
  • Personal statistics: this new feature will provide users with driving and personal statistics. Although it is unclear how the feature will work, it will give users valuable insights into their driving habits and performance.
  • More toll road controls: Waze is expanding users’ ability to choose whether or not they want to use toll roads before starting navigation. This feature will give users greater control over their routes and help them avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Vehicle profiles: this will be particularly useful for users who own or operate multiple vehicles, including company cars. With vehicle profiles, users will be able to set their preferences for each car, ensuring a seamless experience every time they use the app.

The biggest downside of Waze is that you can’t add multiple stops to your route. However, its great directions and fun interface still make it worthy of being included on this list. You can always use it in conjunction with another logistics tool for routes with more than one stop.


  • Makes directions fun
  • Real-time updates via community data
  • Integrates with Spotify
  • Add friends and share directions


  • You can’t add multiple stops
  • Lacks data in more remote areas
  • Includes ads that can be distracting

Available on: PC, Mac, iOS, Android


4. Apple Maps – Best for Apple Users

Not to be outdone by Google, Apple came out with its own mapping app included on all iOS devices. It offers many of the same features as Google Maps but does lag behind in a few areas.

Where it excels is its map design. The maps look great, and they include a 3D view and buildings. Apple users will also appreciate that maps and directions are synced between all Apple devices. So, you can instantly move directions from your iPad to your iPhone.

In 2023, Apple Maps is planning exciting updates to its business pages:

  • New features to provide more information and photos about business locations.
  • More opportunities to interact, including a “Showcase” module and buttons to order or make reservations.
  • A new dashboard for business owners to track metrics.
  • Businesses can claim and manage their Apple Maps page through a new web app called 
  • Business Connect, a new web app where businesses can claim and manage their Apple Maps.

The biggest downfall of Apple maps is that it only allows you to add two stops. So, busy delivery drivers likely won’t be able to get much use out of this tool. Users have also complained about inaccurate information, which is a big concern for businesses.

The app is only available on Apple devices, so PC and Android users will have to look elsewhere for their route-planning software.


  • Works similarly to Google Maps
  • User-friendly
  • 3D maps and building views


  • You can only add two stops
  • Inaccurate information
  • Only available on Apple devices

Available on: Mac, iOS


5. Here WeGo – Best Alternative to Google Maps

Here We Go Route

HERE WeGo is a free route planner and navigation app that offers a variety of features designed to make travel easier and more convenient. 

One of the most useful features of HERE WeGo is its ability to download maps for offline use. This is especially helpful when traveling in areas with limited internet connectivity. Users can download entire cities or regions, and the app will continue to provide directions and other features even without an internet connection.

Similarly to Google Maps, Here WeGo offers turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance, making it easy to follow directions while driving, cycling, or walking. It includes pretty accurate traffic information, though it lacks the ability to actively modify an assigned route when the app detects that there is congestion on the way. 

Because of this and the limited options it offers for route optimization, users may need to manually adjust their route to achieve the most efficient path.


  • Download maps for offline use
  • Detailed public transit options, including bus and train schedules
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Customizable route options
  • Safety features, including speed limit warnings, lane guidance, and alerts for sharp turns and railroad crossings


  • Limited voice guidance
  • Incomplete point of interest database
  • Slow loading times
  • Limited route optimization options

Available on: PC, Mac, iOS, Android


6. TruckRouter – Best for Truck Drivers & Fleets

TruckRouter is a free route-planning tool designed specifically for the trucking industry. If you’re a trucker, fleet manager, or dispatch professional looking for a solution to meet your needs, this is likely the one.

TruckRouter differs from other route optimization apps because it offers truck-specific routes. Trucks aren’t always able to travel everywhere due to height and weight restrictions, and the tool factors that in when it’s creating its routes.

TruckRouter also alerts drivers to low clearances, provides information on toll roads and costs, and offers a trip cost calculator to estimate your expenses.

The only downside is that the tool is web-based, meaning there aren’t downloadable apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.


  • Designed for the trucking industry
  • Truck specific routes
  • Alerts truckers of low clearances and road elevation
  • It helps you estimate expenses


  • No mobile apps are available

Available on: Web-based


7. SalesRabbit – Best for Sales Teams

SalesRabbit is a lead generation and team management solution for businesses. They also offer a free multi-stop route planner.

This tool features turn-by-turn directions, and multiple stops per route and lets you plot your leads on an interactive map. As you would expect, it works seamlessly with SalesRabbit’s other solutions, so this is ideal for anyone already using their software.

Sales Rabbit’s tool also offers appointment setting services. You can filter your appointments by status, set scheduled reminders, and get directions.

To use this route planner, you’ll need to sign up for Sales Rabbit Lite, which is a free version of their sales management software. 

Some new features and updates to look forward to including:

  • Data synchronization is set to receive a major upgrade, bringing faster speeds, increased stability, and unmatched scalability. 
  • The Scheduler feature is about to be released from beta and will allow setters and closers to optimize their schedules and appointments within the SalesRabbit app, helping users save valuable time and improve their productivity. The Scheduler will be included in the Pro and Enterprise plans.
  • An improved analytics platform is also on the horizon and will include new reports, visualizations, and custom dashboards, the Pro and Enterprise plans will offer a wealth of insights and data to help users make informed decisions. 


  • Perfect for salespeople
  • Works seamlessly with SalesRabbit
  • Offers appointment scheduling feature


  • A limited number of stops available for each route
  • No desktop functionality

Available on: iOS, Android


8. Speedy Route  – Best for Simple Sales Routes

Speedy Route is an excellent route optimizer for delivery routes, salespeople, and anyone who needs to plan complicated trips. There are a few features that make Speed Route superior to many other options.

First, it will automatically reorder your stops to create the quickest and most efficient route possible. It also supports timeboxing, which accommodates situations where you can only arrive at a location before or after a specific time.

After your route is calculated, Speedy Route’s drag-and-drop feature makes it easy for you to tweak your stops’ order and make adjustments as needed. Once you’re happy with your route, you can export your directions to a spreadsheet.

While there are many great things about this tool, there are a few negatives. The free version only allows you to enter ten stops, and the interface isn’t as sleek as some of the other options. Finally, because it’s a web-based solution, they don’t offer any downloadable apps.


  • Simple to use
  • Reorder your stops to create the most efficient route
  • Offers time boxing to accommodate specific arrival times
  • Easy to make adjustments to your route


  • Can only add 10 locations
  • Poor interface
  • Downloadable apps not available

Available on: Web-based


9. Circuit – Good Alternative for Professionals

Circuit provides route optimization software with several advanced features that professionals will love. They offer a free version for those on a tight budget and a paid subscription service ideal for large businesses with more complex needs.

There are many features that make this an excellent tool. First, it allows you to set time constraints on locations if you need to arrive within a certain timeframe. You can also prioritize locations that require you to be there ASAP to ensure they’re first on your route.

Once you set your parameters, Circuit will rearrange your stops based on your parameters to create your optimal route. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play, so you can take your directions with you wherever you go.

Circuit has issued a few new features and updates in 2023, with more on the horizon:

  • Turn POD on or off: save time by collecting proof of delivery only when necessary.
  • Easy map view toggle: switch between different views for easier navigation.
  • Dynamic stop status icons: real-time updates for increased chances of successful delivery.
  • Improved customer delivery experience: add customer service contact details to delivery information.
  • Copy stops between routes: retry missed or failed stops by copying them to another route.
  • Modify live routes and notify drivers: make changes to routes in progress and notify drivers automatically.

One of the only downsides to Circuit’s free route planner app is that it only lets you add ten stops which likely won’t be enough for many businesses.


  • Assign time constraints to certain locations
  • Prioritize the stops you need to get to first
  • Optimizes your stops to create the best route


  • It only allows you to add 10 stops
  • No desktop functionality

Available on: iOS, Android


10. Mappr – Best for Delivery Routes

Formerly known as Flightmap, Mappr is an impressive online route planner that’s perfect for sales and delivery professionals. What’s unique about this tool is that it optimizes routes based on your vehicle’s size, speed, and volume. This makes it perfect for companies with different vehicle types.

This delivery route planner app is free for up to 200 stops per month per vehicle for two vehicles. While that might seem like a lot, if you’re delivering every business day, it works out to about 18 stops per day split between two vehicles. While not a ton, that’s still more than most apps.

For an extra charge, Mappr integrates with Tookan, a popular delivery management solution. So, if you’re already using that service, this might be a good choice for you.

Mappr also offers a number of sharing options, including exporting to a spreadsheet, sending your map in an email, or using a shareable link.


  • Optimizes routes based on vehicle type.
  • Integrates with Tookan
  • Plenty of sharing options


  • Only about 9 stops per day per vehicle, which won’t be enough for most businesses
  • No downloadable app

Available on: Web-based


11. Komoot – Best for Outdoor Activities

Komoot Route

Komoot is a popular route planner and navigation app that’s designed specifically for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and running. 

It allows users to plan their route based on their preferred activity and fitness level and offers a variety of map types, including topographical and satellite maps, that people can use to customize their route based on factors like distance, elevation, and surface type.

Though voice guidance and offline maps are paid features, Komoot’s free version offers turn-by-turn navigation that makes it easy to follow directions while on the go while also giving users access to its large database of popular hiking and biking trails, scenic views, and other outdoor attractions.

And for outdoor enthusiasts who want to plan excursions that go beyond day trips, Komoot also allows users to plan multi-day tours, complete with overnight accommodations and points of interest along the way.

Though first-time users will find themselves facing a bit of a learning curve, the app has gained a strong community of users who share their favorite routes, making it easy to discover new places and activities. One of Komoot’s particularly useful and community-oriented features includes tracking activity data, including distance, elevation, and speed and can sync with other fitness tracking apps like Garmin, Strava, and Apple Health.


  • Customizable routes
  • Turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance
  • Download maps for offline use
  • Large database of points of interest
  • Plan multi-day tours
  • A strong community of users


  • Premium features require a subscription
  • Learning curve

Available on: PC, Mac, iOS, Android 


Where Free Solutions Fall Short

Free route planning tools are great for small businesses on a budget, but you’ll likely realize that you’ll need a more robust solution once you start to grow.

Here are a few drawbacks of free solutions:

  • Most only let you add 10 – 20 stops
  • Not all of them optimize the order of your stops
  • You can only plan one route at a time

If you have a large fleet that makes many stops per day, these limitations will greatly reduce your efficiency. If you have the budget, we highly recommend looking into an affordable paid tool like Maptive.


Plan Routes Quicker and Easier with Maptive

Maptive is a mapping software platform that includes a sophisticated route planner and optimizer. It’s built using Google Maps API, which gives you access to their industry-leading technology, along with many additional features that the free Google maps tool doesn’t provide.

Here’s why Maptive is the superior choice for route planning:

  • Add an unlimited number of stops to your routes
  • Automatically reorder your stops to create the most efficient route
  • Plan multiple routes at once
  • Upload all your locations within seconds from a spreadsheet
  • Maptive is cloud-based so that drivers can access their routes from anywhere on any device.

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