Using Mapping Software to Assess Threats & Opportunities in Your Sales Territory

Using Mapping Software to Assess Threats & Opportunities in Your Sales Territory

Studies have found that organizations using optimized territory design showed a 14% boost in sales objective achievement and a 10-20% rise in productivity.

While some companies are still meandering through endless spreadsheets, there’s a new wave of tools like Maptive that can revolutionize how you assign territories and empower your sales team. Let’s explore how mapping software can help you unlock these impressive results.

Visualizing Customer and Competitor Locations

The first step to creating a successful strategy is to understand your territory, and that includes knowing where your customers and competitors are located. With businesses evolving so rapidly, versatile and reliable mapping software is becoming a necessity to explore what’s happening around you

If you haven’t tried a location intelligence tool yet, now’s the time. The numbers don’t lie: the market for location analytics is exploding, expected to hit a whopping $32.8 billion by 2027. Gartner forecasts a seismic shift by 2025, with 75% of organizations leveraging location data to enhance customer experiences and boost their bottom line.

Some easy ways to wrap your head around the potential of using a mapping software include:

  • Heatmaps: these types of maps can boost data interpretation by a solid 12%, revealing hotspots of customer or competitor density.
  • Radius mapping: understand how close your customers are to your stores. After all, 93% of consumers typically travel 20 minutes or less to make everyday purchases.
  • Mapping competitors: this strategic move can uncover vital insights, as confirmed by the 67% of executives who feel competitor intelligence is directly tied to performance.
  • Demographics insights: answering the age-old question, where are your target customers? Layering census data with your business locations can help you identify high-potential areas.

How Maptive Aligns

Customer Location Heat Maps

Maptive lets you visualize all the above insights into one easy-to-use platform. With Maptive, you can effortlessly plot your customer and competitor data on interactive maps, giving you a crystal-clear view of your competitive landscape and customer distribution. 

Maptive can help you spot territories with a higher density of competitors or figure out which areas might be worth expanding into or where to concentrate your marketing efforts. In today’s fast-paced market. By harnessing the power of location intelligence through Maptive, you can make informed, data-driven decisions that ensure your business stays ahead of the curve.

Creating and Assigning Optimized Sales Territories

Efficient territory design can become your secret weapon to create territories that are fair for your sales reps, using smart criteria like customer segments, demographic concentration, sales potential, and more.

Here’s some cold hard data to help you grasp the impact of territory optimization:

  • Companies that use technology for territory mapping are achieving sales goals a whopping 20% more often than their counterparts. 
  • Just optimizing your territory design–without making other changes to your sales strategy–could lead to a significant sales boost of 2%-7%. 
  • Studies show that when you get your territories just right, sales performance can shoot up by 30%.

How Maptive Aligns

Best Sales Mapping Software

Maptive offers you the power to not only visualize your sales territory but also to optimize how you manage it. With Maptive, you can create new territories and instantly share them with your team, no matter where they are. Plus, your team can access Maptive on any device, providing their invaluable on-the-ground insights and turning Maptive into a collaboration hub for your entire sales team.

But here’s where it gets even better: Maptive offers endless options for personalization. Your maps can reflect exactly what your team needs in the most intuitive way possible. And with 90% of information transmitted to the brain being visual, Maptive’s visual territory management tools are a game-changer for sales teams.

By jumping on board with Maptive, you’re joining the ranks of companies that have boosted their productivity by 10% to 20% through sales territory mapping software. So why wait? Get ready to elevate your sales game like never before with Maptive.

Analyzing Sales Metrics by Territory

A location intelligence tool can provide a comprehensive view of your sales metrics for each of your territories–including revenue and customer data–giving you insights to optimize your sales strategy and ultimately ramp up your revenue.

If you’re not leveraging mapping software to analyze your territories and sales metrics, you could be among the businesses losing out, with poor alignment costing between 2-7% of sales revenue. But fear not, even if you’re drowning in spreadsheets trying to decipher your sales data, investing in mapping software with automation and optimization capabilities could lead to a staggering 30% surge in sales performance.

On a tactical level, mapping software boosts your sales team’s productivity by guiding them to the best opportunities in each territory. It can also streamline the hunt for high-potential targets, slashing the time spent on research–so you can avoid being one of those businesses where sales reps have to waste up to 40% of their time just hunting for leads.

How Maptive Aligns

Sales Territory Mapping

By letting you visualize sales metrics–like revenue, number of customers, average sales, etc–across territories, Maptive can help you identify high-performing areas, understand how to replicate their success, and avoid repeating any of the mistakes made in any underperforming territories.

Thanks to its always-updated database, Maptive can also help your sales team identify high-potential targets, saving them time on research and allowing them to focus on what they do best: selling. By zeroing in on the right prospects, you’re not just saving time but also big bucks–with outside sales calls averaging $308, while inside calls are a steal at $50.

Optimizing Routes and Travel Time

Route optimization is a very straightforward way to cut costs and make your sales team more efficient. Routes built with the right mapping software can help your sales team reduce how much time they spend on the road, dodge traffic jams and roadwork, and squeeze in more client visits while keeping gas and other costs in check.

  • The route optimization software market is on a rapid upward trajectory, projected to grow by a staggering 10.9% annually. 
  • Organizations leveraging route optimization technology have successfully trimmed their route lengths by 5-10% on average. 
  • Route optimization isn’t just about saving time and money; it’s also a powerful tool for reducing environmental impact. Walmart’s recent Franz Edelman Award win highlights the significant benefits of route optimization, showcasing how it can cut unnecessary miles and CO² emissions.

Route planning can benefit more than just your sales team, especially if you handle your own deliveries. With last-mile delivery gobbling up over half of e-commerce shipping costs, efficient route planning can lead to significant savings, cutting expenses by up to 20%.

How Maptive Aligns

Sales Route Planning

With 90% of Americans using mapping apps for driving, almost everyone can access real-time traffic data and avoid peak congestion. Maptive’s built-in route optimization tools supercharge that ability, allowing you to generate the most efficient route between prospects or customers within your sales territory.  So your sales team not just getting from A to B–they’re doing it in the smartest, most efficient way possible and cutting significant costs along the way.

Collaboration and Real-Time Updates

When it comes to managing territories effectively, collaboration is key. The right location intelligence software can become the central platform where you and your team can collaborate on territory maps, ensuring everyone stays informed with the latest data and insights.

If you are skeptical about how much collaboration can actually impact your sales bottom line, consider that 81% of sales reps said working together as a team helped them close more deals. 

Better collaboration means more shared insights and knowledge across the sales organization, which is the best way to avoid the creation of data silos, which are cited by 90% of organizations as a challenge to growth. In fact, data inefficiencies cost organizations an average of $12.9 million annually.

How Maptive Aligns

Real Estate Heat Map

Maptive facilitates seamless collaboration among your team members. Whether you’re adding insights or updating customer information in real time, Maptive ensures everyone is on the same page. With access to maps and data from any device, you and your sales reps will be equipped to tackle challenges together and share in the success of optimizing your territories.

What-if Scenario Modeling

While predicting the future may seem difficult, businesses still need to plan ahead. That’s where location intelligence software can help, offering scenario modeling capabilities that help you anticipate various contingencies and prepare accordingly.

A survey by Synario shows that 85% of organizations are now using scenario modeling, a significant increase from 60% in previous years. This rise is understandable given that scenario modeling has proven instrumental for nearly 80% of companies in navigating economic fluctuations and 68% in making strategic decisions.

A case study by Cambridge Systematics showed how powerful scenario modeling can be. Their tools studied thousands of transportation scenarios in record time, helping planners understand the interactions among variables and relationships between decisions,projects, scenarios, and performance metrics.

How Maptive Aligns

automated territory generation

Maptive is about to unveil its Automated Territory Optimization feature, which is designed to help you model different territory scenarios and make informed decisions in record time. This new feature lets you play around with different territory setups and “what-if” scenarios, so you can find the perfect fit for your business and adapt to market changes in a flash.

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