15 Apps + Tools To Boost Productivity At Your Startup

As the founder and owner of a new startup, you simply can’t afford to have unproductive days. The continued and future success of your business depends on your ability to make the right choices, spend the right amount of time on the right tasks, and implement the right processes.

If you’ve been struggling with productivity lately and you’re looking for help, start by using one or all of the tools listed below:

1. Basecamp

Basecamp is a web-based tool that you can use to easily manage projects at your business. With Basecamp, you can create and organize projects, collaborate with team members, clients, or partners, and track progress until your projects are complete.

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Try It: basecamp.com

Cost: $20/month

2. Evernote Business

Evernote Business exists as a collaborative hub for your team to brainstorm, develop,and launch projects with business notebooks. It’s a great app to use to share knowledge and resources across your entire company.

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Try It: evernote.com

Cost: $10 per users/month

3. KinHR

KinHR is a great app for efficiently managing all the HR tasks and responsibilities that will come up as you continue to grow your business. According to the site, “Kin manages onboarding, employee data and files, and time off in a web-based exchange that your entire team will enjoy using.”

Overview Video:

Try It: kinhr.com

Cost: $5 per user, and you can pay monthly or annually

4. Slack

Slack is an app you can use to streamline communication across your entire team. With Slack, all your team communication is instant and in one place. Everything is synced and hosted in the cloud, so conversations can be accessed from the web or any smart device.

Overview Video:

Try It: slack.com

Cost: Lite plan is free, Standard plan is $6.67/month

5. Vyte.in

Vyte.in can save you a ton of time when it comes to scheduling meetings. This web-based tool allows you to make time suggestions directly from your calendar. It eliminates the need for you to go back and forth between your calendar and your email and makes coordinating a meeting time a lot easier for all parties.

Overview Video:

Try It: vyte.in

Cost: Free version, Pro version costs $5/month

6. RescueTime

RescueTime tracks the amount of time you typically spend on applications and websites, giving you an accurate picture of your day. It runs securely in the background on your computer and mobile devices and can give you detailed reports and data based on your activity.

Overview Video:

Try It: rescuetime.com

Cost: Free version; Pro version costs $9/month

7. Trello

Trello is another helpful project management tool that you can use to get more done in a day, week, or month. It’s a visual-focused web-app that makes seeing and managing project progress a lot easier for you and everyone else involved.

Overview Video:

Try It: trello.com

Cost: Free version; Trello Gold costs $5/month

8. Zapier

According to the site, “Zapier connects the web apps you use to easily move your data and automate tedious tasks.”

Overview Video:

Try It: zapier.com

Cost: Free version; Basic plan costs $20/month

9. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a WordPress plugin that you can use to put your blog and your social media on the same drag and drop calendar. It’s a great tool to use if you’re interested in spending less time thinking about what you’re going to write on your blog and share with your social media followers over the next few weeks.

Overview Video:

Try It: coschedule.com

Cost: $10/month

10. LastPass

LastPass is a password management tool. LastPass saves your passwords and autofills them for you whenever you visit a site that you’ve been to before. It also stores your passwords and helps you create new ones—so you never have to waste time trying to remember or come up with unique passwords for your online accounts again.

Overview Video:

Try It: lastpass.com

Cost: Free version; Premium version costs $12/year

11. Google Apps For Work

Google Apps For Work offers professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more.

Overview Video:

Try It: google.com/work/apps/business

Cost: $5 per user/month

12. Mailbox

Mailbox is an app that offers a more streamlined and efficient approach to email.

Overview Video:

Try It: mailboxapp.com

Cost: Free

13. Dropbox Sign

Dropbox Sign is a web-app that you can use to easily, quickly, and securely collect eSignatures for your business.

Overview Video:

Try It: hellosign.com

Cost: Free version; Pro version costs $13/month

14. Yesware

Yesware is another app that you can use to streamline email management. The app allows you to track when messages have been opened, automate the process of following up with people, and schedule emails to be sent at the right time.

Overview Video:

Try It: yesware.com

Cost: Free version; Pro version costs $12 per user/month

15. Voxer

Voxer is an walkie talkie-like app that you can use to quickly communicate with your business partners, colleagues, or employees. The app allows you send live or recorded voice, text messages and photos instantly—to one person or an entire group.

Overview Video:

Try It: voxer.com

Cost: Free version; Pro version costs $2.99 per user/month

What other apps or tools need to be included in this list? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below!

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