Google Maps is a powerful tool, but it comes with limitations. Sometimes you want to customize your map and make it your own. Luckily, Maptive makes this surprisingly easy.

Upload your location data and create your map in minutes. From there, use a variety of tools to build a custom Google Map exactly to your liking.

Why Use Maptive?

Create Custom Maps

Create Your Map in Just a Few Clicks

Sign up for a free trial of Maptive, click “Create a New Map,” and then upload your location data from a spreadsheet.

Customize Google Map Markers

Customize Your Map Markers

Change the color, shape, and size of your map pins—have full control of the look and feel of your markers.

Customizable Google Base Map

Choose Your Base Map

Pick one of 15 available base maps to give your map a unique look and feel.

Add Heat Maps

Use heat maps to measure and display the density of your data in a given area. Studies show that when you visualize data, it’s 30x more likely to be read.

Sales Territory Tool

Draw Territories

Utilize the boundary tool to create territories based on established borders or draw custom territories to suit your needs. Optimized territories have been proven to increase productivity by 19%.

Demographic Data

Add a wide range of demographic data to your map, including population, age, gender, income, education, housing, and more.

drive time map polygons

Drive Time Polygon Tool

Create drive time maps using the drive time polygon tool. Calculate how far you can travel in a certain amount of time from a starting location.

Optimize Your Routes

Easily find the fastest route between two or more stops, which reduces travel costs by as much as 30%.

Built Using Google Maps API

Maptive is built using Google Maps, but with all the customization features you’re looking for. 

Click on learn more below for our full list of features.

Map Drawing Tool

Draw on your Map

Maptive comes with a suite of drawing tools that gives you the freedom to create custom shapes, lines & add text to your maps.

Side by Side Comparison

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Mapping Features

Google Maps



Place markers on your map Yes. Click anywhere on your map to place a marker. Yes. Click anywhere on your map to place a marker.
Add information to your markers Yes. Add a name, description, and other attributes. Yes. Add a name, address, phone number, email, and any other attribute you like.
Sharing options Yes. Share via email or embed your map. Yes. Output your data to a spreadsheet, save it as an image, send people a link, or embed it on a website.
Route Planning Yes. Add up to 10 stops. Google doesn’t rearrange the order of your stops to optimize your route. Yes. Add an unlimited number of stops. Maptive will rearrange the order of your stops to optimize your route.
Customize Map Markers No Yes. Choose from a wide range of colors and shapes.
Change Base Map No Yes. Pick from 15 different base maps, including satellite maps.
Heat Maps No Yes. Easily add heat maps and customize the radius, color, and opacity.
Territory Mapping No Yes. Build territories based on established geographic boundaries, or draw custom territories.
Demographic Data No Yes. Add demographic census data, including population, race, housing, age, citizenship status, education, income, transportation, labor, and gender.

Using Google Maps API


Google Maps API gives you the ability to create a truly custom map that works exactly how you want it to. This method gives you a lot of flexibility when creating custom Google Maps and is free up to a certain point.


The disadvantage is that it can be time-consuming and complicated to build all the features you want. Plus, to create more than just a basic map you’ll need considerable knowledge of HTML and other programming languages. If you don’t have the necessary skills you can hire someone to build it for you, but that’s very costly.


If you’re not familiar with coding, and you don’t have the budget to hire a programmer, then Maptive is likely your best option.

Create Your Custom Google Map Today

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