Maptive Will Map Multiple Locations

When you use our location mapping software all you have to do is upload your address data, and Maptive will do the rest. If you already have the latitude and longitude of your locations that’s great. If not we will find the location of all your addresses using Google maps and then create a map for you.


Easily Create A Map With Multiple Locations:

Mapping multiple locations on a customized Google map can be done in just a few clicks. Start by creating a map, and uploading a list of addresses. You can upload an excel spreadsheet that contains all your addresses, use Google sheets, or even enter them one at a time. Once your locations are uploaded we use Google maps to place them on a custom map. Each one of your multiple locations will have its own individual marker. You can click on each marker to view all the data that you included for that location. After your data is mapped, Maptive provides a wide range of features you can use to view your data in a variety of ways.

What can I do with Maptive’s software:

  • Map up to 100,000 markers. Whether you have just a few location or thousands of locations all over the world, Maptive provide a solution to view all of your locations on one map.
  • Grouping Multiple Locations. When you have a multitude of locations on a single map it can be hard to find what you are looking for. Grouping can help you distinguish one location from another be setting a different color for each marker type. Learn More
  • Filtering Locations. With location filtering you can easily drill down on your data by adding a filter on any column in your spreadsheet. This can help you limit the number of markers on the screen and make it easier for you to find the location or address that you need. Learn More
  • Location Finder. The location finder lets you easily find the locations closest to an address or your current location.
  • Directions. Using the Directions tool you can find the optimal route between multiple location by just selecting the locations you need to drive to and clicking Optimize Route
  • More Features

Start Mapping now

Start mapping now!

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