Create a Map For Multiple Locations

With Maptive, it’s never been easier to quickly share tens, hundreds, or even thousands of addresses with others. When you use our location mapping software to make your maps, you don’t need to install anything onto your computer to get started, you don’t have to write a single line of code, and best of all, you won’t end up having to spend a fortune.

Mapping multiple coordinates or a list of addresses on a customized Google map can be done in just a few clicks. The process is simple: paste or upload your location data from an existing spreadsheet, decide how you want your map to look, then hit the “Map Now” and your customized Google map will be created within a matter of seconds. Once created, you can decide whether you want to add further customization to your map, how you want certain information to be displayed, and how you want to share your map.

Why people choose Maptive over other options:

  • Elegant software that’s easy to use
  • Nothing to download or install to get started
  • All the customization you could possibly need

Start mapping now!

Just follow these simple steps:

Copy & Paste OR Drag & Drop
your data set here.

OR you can Upload My File

Important: Remember to include column headers in your data set. (like the example)

Double Click then Copy & Paste


Drag and drop

your data here

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