MapPoint vs Maptive

MapPoint was discontinued at the end of 2014, but that's no reason to stop making maps. Maptive exists as a powerful, elegant alternative to MapPoint that can be used to transform raw location data into a beautiful, customized Google map in a matter of seconds. It’s the best way to easily make sense of your data in order to continue getting the answers and clarity you need.

Here are some reasons why Maptive is a good alternative to MapPoint:

  • Maptive provides many of the same features that have traditionally been available using Microsoft MapPoint software. See a list of Maptive’s features here
  • Maptive is a 100% online. This means anytime/anywhere access and no software to download or install.
  • Maptive is powered by Google’s enterprise mapping technology, which means global coverage in over 214 countries and access to a suite of world class mapping tools.
  • Maptive is focused software – we’ve carefully steered clear of adding features that rarely, if ever, get used. This enables our customers little to no learning curve as they get the clarity and insights they need from Maptive, then get on with their day.
  • Maptive is minimalist and elegant by design. Our powerful analytics features are there when you need them but otherwise out of the way, allowing you to work quickly and with ease. We work tirelessly in pursuit of the best possible mapping experience for our customers.

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What happened to MapPoint?

MapPoint was first released in 1999, and provided a way to integrate essential business data into an interactive map. MapPoint grew its feature set over the next 14 years, and released its final version (v19) in 2013. Microsoft officially discontinued MapPoint on December 31st 2014, and stopped supporting the software shortly after that. Maptive has tried to pick up where MapPoint has left off by offering a online mapping platform that can replace it in most organizations.

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