Need to know what zip codes are located in a given radius? Use Maptive’s Distance Radius Tool to highlight an area of your map and quickly export all the zip codes within it.

Step 1: Draw a Radius on a Map

Radius Map - Commercial Real Estate Use Case

Follow the steps below to create a zip code radius with Maptive:

  1. Log in to Maptive. (Signup is Free)
  2. Click the Wrench icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Select “Distance Radius / Drive Time Polygon Tool.”
  4. Under “Type” select “Distance Radius.”
  5. Under “Apply to” select “Individual Location.”
  6. Enter the address of the location you want to create a radius around.
  7. Under “Proximity Within” enter the distance in miles you want your radius to cover. Create a 10-mile radius, 100-mile radius, or any size you like.
  8. Click “Add Proximity Radius.”

You can also click on an existing map marker and select “Draw Radius” to create a radius around it. Once you choose this option you’ll be taken to the Distance Radius Tool and the address will be automatically entered. Simply choose the size of your radius and click “Add Proximity Radius” to draw your radius.

Step 2: Export All of the Zip Codes within the Radius

Export Zip Code Boundaries in a Radius

Export all the zip codes within a radius with just a few clicks:

  1. Click on the radius you created in the previous step.
  2. Select “Export Boundaries.”
  3. Under “Select Boundary Type” select “US Zip Codes.” (You can also export postal codes from countries other than the US)
  4. Choose whether you want to export only zip codes that are completely contained within the radius, or all zip codes even if they’re only partially within the radius.
  5. Under “Select Export Type” select “Export List of Boundaries.”
  6. Choose your file type.
  7. Click “Export” to download your zip codes.

View your list in Microsoft Excel or a similar program.

Why Exporting Zip Codes is Useful

Distance Radius Tool - Geo-Mapping Software

Exporting zip codes provides companies, small businesses, and salespeople with a number of benefits:

Pull Population Data for Relevant Zip Codes:

Once you know which zip codes are contained within a radius, use Maptive’s demographic insights to pull population data for those areas and learn more about your customers.

Identify Which Zip Codes are within a Salesperson’s Range:

Do you target customers based on zip code? Quickly determine which zip codes are located within a salesperson’s service area.

Target Customers with Direct Mail Campaigns:

Send direct mail campaigns to zip codes that are within a specified distance of your business locations.