General Overview of Maptive Tools

Maptive Tools Overview

Get a general overview of the location of all the tools and settings Maptive has to offer. This is a great place to start your learning journey with Maptive Mapping Software.

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Maptive Mapping Tools: General Overview

Hi and welcome to Maptive. In this quick tutorial, I’ll just show you where to find all of your tools. On the left-hand corner of the map itself you’ll see map tools. This is our toolbox. If you’re hovering over the gears, it’s going to hide that box. Clicking this will open up the grouping tool, and on the outside, you’ll see all the different tools that you can access by clicking on the tabs such as the filter tool distance radius and drive time polygon tool routing tool territory tool boundary tool heat map tool and drawing tool

On the right side, you have various tools such as search, satellite view, export map, image distance calculator, location finder, lasso tool, add map marker to your map and export data from your map. Back on the left side we’ve got the map settings in the gears, this is where you can change the name of your map, and you can access map markers and graphics this is where you can change all the markers on your map or add labels and things of that nature face. Map is where you can change the actual base map.

Shared/presentation mode is where you can go to customize your shared map and then you’ve got other settings where you can find things like miles and kilometers and other things you may need. You’ve got the save your current map view save doesn’t need to be used unless you’re saving a filtered view or routing this will allow you to view your map and shared in presentation mode once you’ve got the settings set up in shared/presentation that I just showed you. Share map is how you can share your map via email this is also where you can set privacy settings for that shared map. This button is so that you can embed your map on a website this is where you find the iframe the silhouette on the lower left allows you to access your account settings where you can change your name, email, and password. The green question mark is where you can access tutorials, as well as chat live with us right within the program. That’s it for this tutorial, if you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to us, thank you for watching have a great day.

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