Creating Your First Map

Creating Your First Map

Learn how to create your first map in Maptive in only a few clicks in this simple walkthrough video.

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Maptive: Creating Your First Map

Hi and welcome to Maptive. In this quick tutorial I’m going to show you how to create your first map. Once you’re on your home screen, click on this button on the top right to create a new map. Here you’ll name your new map. Hit continue.

In this section, you’ll be able to either copy and paste your spreadsheet, choose your excel file, start from scratch, or select a google sheet. For this example I’m going to select my file.

This is the file for my map. Once the data is loaded the program is going to open up this dialog box with match up. This is strictly for your address information in section one. So only address columns should be matched in my data. I have an address column, a city column, state column, zip code, and I also have latitude and longitude. You don’t need to have latitude and longitude. This is just the way mine is set up. If you have no country column, nothing should be matched to this. Address line 2, which is usually suite number or space number does not need to be matched either as google does not geocode that information.

In the second section, you can match name to name. The second one, location description should always match to the remaining columns if you’ve got a website column you can match to website. If you’ve got a location image column you can match that to location image and if you’ve got an email column you can match to email. For email and website this will hyperlink it in the marker pop-up. Once you’ve made all of your selections hit done, the geocoding will begin. Once those markers are on the map you can quickly refresh your screen, and the map will automatically zoom in, and that’s how you create your first map. Thank you for watching have a wonderful day!

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