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Maptive provides you with access to Google's geocoding engine. You just need to import a spreadsheet of addresses or other data that you need to geocode and map. We will take that data, get the latitude and longitude of each row, and place each row as a marker on a map.

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Geocoding is the process of taking text that represents a place on earth and turning it into a latitude and longitude so that a location can be mapped. However, geocoding is just the first step. Interesting things start happening when you map your data and start using the various tools available within Maptive’s mapping software to find patterns. This may be as simple as seeing all of your locations and identifing clusters of data, or it may involve many layers of data such as heat maps, demographic data, filters, and driving route information. Whatever the case our mapping software can help you do it.

What type of data can be geocoded?

  • Address
  • Country
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Codes
  • Postal Code
  • Famous landmarks
  • Counties
  • Intersections

Our geocoding information comes from Google Maps, which is one of the most trusted sources of mapping data in the world. We can geocode and map your locations at a rate of 10 per second and store that information for you so that it can be easily mapped in the future. If you want to view all of the features that Maptive offers simple view our mapping features section, or simply start a free trial and start geocoding your data by loading a spreadsheet, or list of data that you need geocoded and mapped.


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