There are a number of scenarios in which you may need to quickly calculate the perimeter or area of a given location on a map. Luckily, today’s tools and technology make this a simple task as long as you’re using the right software.

How Do You Find a Perimeter on a Map?

The perimeter is the distance around the outside of a given area. It’s measured in feet, miles, meters, kilometers, and any other standard unit of measurement.

How Do You Find the Area of a Location on a Map?

The area is a measurement of the total area inside the perimeter. It’s measured in square feet, square miles, square meters, square kilometers, acres, and hectares.

What Program Can I Use to Calculate One or Multiple Areas on Google Maps?

Area and Perimeter Map

Google Maps is an amazing free tool that has a number of different applications. Unfortunately, it has very few customization options. This means that if you want to calculate the perimeter or area of a location you’ll need to use something a little more sophisticated.

Maptive offers user-friendly mapping software that provides you with the tools you need to create beautiful interactive maps. Our area calculator tool allows you to measure perimeters and areas in just a few clicks. Once your map is complete, export it and share your findings with others.

Best of all, Maptive’s software utilizes Google Maps. This means you’ll enjoy all the features of your favorite mapping platform with a number of additional features.

Here’s how to calculate the perimeter and area of a location with Maptive:

Step 1: Sign up for a Maptive free trial account. Try Maptive for free and explore the many mapping tools we have to offer.

Step 2: Create your map. Upload address data to plot specific locations with markers, or just click “Create Map” to open a blank map and build it from scratch.

Step 3: Open the distance calculator. Click on the distance calculator button on the right side of the screen, then select the “Multiple Point Distance Measurement” option.

Step 4: Draw your area. Zoom in and move your cursor to the area you want to measure, then click to begin. Click to set different coordinates and create your desired polygon, then click the first point to close the shape.

Step 5: Get your measurements. Once your polygon is created the perimeter and land area will be displayed in the middle.

Perimeter and Area Measurement Conversions

Maptive measures perimeter and area in miles, but if you need a different measurement the conversions are easy to calculate.

1-mile equals:

  • 5280 feet
  • 1609.34 meters
  • 1.60934 kilometers

1 square mile equals:

  • 2.58999 square kilometers
  • 640 acres
  • 258.999 hectares

To create custom maps and calculate distance, area, and perimeter with your own data, sign up for a free trial of Maptive now.