Mapping Software Checklist: What to Look for in a Mapping Solution

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Shopping for mapping software can be difficult. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to decide what is the best solution for your business. In this article, we will go over some of the pros and cons of different types of mapping solutions and what features you should prioritize over others when looking for a mapping solution.

1. Do you need to be able to collaborate with others?

One of mapping software’s biggest benefits is the ability to collaborate with co-workers when mapping out new routes or creating custom map designs. Depending on your mapping solution, you may be able to invite multiple users in order to let them review different data types.

2. Do you need API access?

If your mapping software allows for API access that is definitely a plus. APIs allow users to connect more data types with mapping software. It also opens up the door for further integration of mapping software into other software platforms, which reduces the amount of work needed on an enterprise level.

3. Do you have specific mapping needs?

Some mapping software’s are only built with one specific use case in mind, such as sales mapping, and can’t be used for anything else. If you are a sales company these solutions might be a good option but if you need to have the flexibility to use your mapping software for many different uses then that might not work for you.

4. Do you need maps that are always up to date and accurate?

It’s important to find mapping software that has an easy way to update maps. Cloud-based mapping solutions like Maptive are always up to date since it is based on Google maps data. Changing road layouts, new subdivisions being built, etc. are all things that mapping software should be able to update quickly and easily over time.

5. Do you need your software to be accessible from any device or do you mainly use a desktop for your mapping needs?

If your mapping software is mainly used by office staff then the accessibility of using mapping software on mobile devices might not be as important to you, but if mapping software is mostly accessed through tablets or other handheld devices then it’s definitely something to consider. Maptive is accessible from any device by using a web browser meaning that mapping solutions can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection.

6. Do you need to be able to share and present your maps?

Mapping software, in general, can be crucial when you need to present mapping data in a professional manner. If your mapping solution enables you to create custom map designs, with or without mapping data, then that’s a plus when presenting information. Maptive provides custom drawing tools, the ability to customize markers, labels as well as styling options. With Maptive you also have full control over the privacy and sharability of your maps and can disable or enable map features you don’t want to show.

7. Do you need mapping software that integrates with other platforms?

If mapping data is already integrated into your software then mapping solutions that integrate with that platform will be of high interest to you. An example of this might be mapping software that integrates with existing dispatch systems or mapping software that works alongside inventory management products. Maptive provides mapping integration through its API which can quickly and easily integrate mapping functionality into existing systems.

Having mapping software integrated into other solutions can provide mapping functionality to many more people which can lead to less training required, lower costs of ownership, and increased productivity.

8. Do you need mapping software that offers many different mapping features and tools?

If mapping is a priority for you and your company then mapping software with many different mapping features will be key. This could mean having mapping software that can accommodate multiple users, that includes custom mapping design capabilities, or map data aggregation. Maptive offers all of these options and more to give mapping solutions to large and small companies alike.

9. Do you need mapping software that is intuitive and easy to use?

Sometimes mapping software can be difficult to use and might require a lot of training or even custom support. Maptive mapping software is easy to use, has a streamlined interface, and offers features that make mapping simple for everyone in your company. With the Maptive app, you can also easily reach mapping functionality from mobile devices so mapping capabilities are always within reach.

With all the mapping software options out there finding the mapping solution that offers what you need can be overwhelming. But, when looking for mapping software it’s important to make sure mapping features are easy to use and understand for your company’s specific mapping needs. Maptive mapping software is affordable, has an intuitive interface, is always up to update.

10. Do you need mapping software to meet specific needs?

If mapping features that are specific to your company or mapping project needs are needed then mapping software that offers flexibility and adaption is key. Maptive mapping software is designed for mapping capabilities specifically tailored to our client’s needs. but can be customized for any mapping need. With Maptive you can also incorporate mapping data from other mapping services through our integrations with CRM’s like Salesforce, Keep, and many more.

11. Do you need mapping software that can handle large amounts of data?

Large mapping needs can be time-consuming and might require mapping software built for large mapping projects. Maptive mapping software offers the flexibility to create mapping data from multiple mapping services with massive amounts of data if necessary. Whether your mapping needs are small or large, Maptive’s mapping capabilities can meet your mapping needs.

12. Do you need a mapping provider that offers great support and customer service?

If mapping software requires constant updates, training, or other support then mapping software that offers great and responsive support is key. Maptive mapping software offers mapping solutions for smaller companies as well as large enterprises and has a great track record of servicing our client’s needs. Our mapping team can always be reached through email, chat, or phone, and support is always unlimited.

13. Do you need to be able to go back in time and see historical mapping data?

If mapping software’s data is to be used for any type of mapping needs, whether it’s mapping inventory or mapping sales territories, only mapping software that offers historical mapping capabilities should be considered. With Maptive mapping software, you can create as many maps as you need and manage multiple historical data sets to compare what your location data looked like in the past compared to today.

14. Do you need to have the ability to fully customize the visual appearance of your maps?

Maptive mapping software is extremely customizable, giving you the ability to fully customize any maps with mapping designs and styles specific to your company. Maptive also offers several powerful data visualization tools such as a heat mapping tool, geographic boundary mapping tool to map your data within geographic boundaries, free US demographics data mapping to include census data in your maps, territory generation & optimization tools, route planning tools, radius and drive time tools and more.

15. Do you need mapping software that can integrate with other mapping apps?

Maptive mapping software offers full API capabilities for mapping data integration and can be seamlessly integrated with other mapping apps on request. Contact our support team with your specific needs by clicking here.

16. Is data security important for your project?

Maptive takes security very seriously. That’s why we offer enterprise-level security for all of our users including two-factor authentication, fully redundant backups, and disaster recovery systems, 256-bit SSL encryption, 24/7 live server intrusion monitoring, and Cloudflare end-point protection. With Maptive you have full control over who can view or edit your maps.

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