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The most valuable commodity in any sales organization it time. Sales mapping software allows sales people to find the most efficient route between multiple customers. This empowers them to save time and make more sales in a day. As a sales manager you can use Territory Mapping to easily define and share sales leads with your team.

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Territory Mapping Software

Maptive’s sales mapping software allows you to create a map in just a couple steps. Simply take a list of your existing or potential customers, save it as an excel file, and load it into our system. Maptive will take your data and create a map of all your customers in seconds. Once your data is mapped there are hundreds of tools and setting that you can use to customize your map however you want.

What can I do with Sales Territory Mapping?

Below is a list of some of the most popular mapping tools used by sales professionals, but feel free to view all our features or ask us a question using the button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

  • Optimized Route Planning for Sales Reps. Using the directions tools you can find the most efficient route between all the stops that need to be done in a day. You can create and save routes for all your sales people or share a map with all of the customers they are responsible for, and have them optimize their own route.
  • Sales Territory Mapping. With Maptive it is easy to draw a sales territory right on your map. Drawing territories can help you and your sales people to identify which new leads fall within their territory. Learn more about the Territory Tool
  • Find Patterns in your Sales Data. Use your sales territories or other boundaries like zip codes to find information like total or average sales within that area. Use the heat mapping tool to help you identify areas where your product or service sells the best.
  • Identify New Sales Opportunities. Maptive provides demographic data about certain geographic boundaries likes US Zip Codes. You can use this data to help you identify some likely traits about who your current customers are and search for other markets that might contain the same type of customers.

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Reviews of Maptive

Why people choose Maptive over other options:
  • Mapping software that goes beyond just route planning.
  • Elegant software that’s easy to use.
  • Nothing to download or install to get started.
  • The reliability of Google Maps.

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Large or small data sets, 10 or 100,000 locations

Our software was built to handle data sets of any size—whether you're mapping 10 locations or 100,000.

Google Maps Reliability

Maptive is powered by Google's enterprise level mapping technology so our customers can expect global coverage, world class tools, and unmatched performance.

Share, Print, Embed and Display

With Maptive, you get to decide how you want to display and share your map. Maps can be shared privately with specific individuals, published publicly to the web, embedded within a webpage or blog using simple HTML code, or printed.

Map Customization

Maptive maps can be fully customized and configured to meet the unique needs of any business or organization—large or small.With Maptive, you can do things like:

  • Customize map markers
  • Set the default opening view of a map
  • Choose from a wide variety of map styles

Powerful Map Tools

We give our users access to all the customization and editing tools needed in order to create beautiful, customized maps that can be used to educate, inform, assist, or persuade others.

Easy, Powerful, and Intuitive

Other mapping tools are cumbersome, complicated, or expensive to use. Our elegant software was designed to make mapping simple and fast for everyone—no matter their skill level.


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