Update on Maptive 4 release

Maptive 4, to be released in July of 2014, has been in intensive development development since early 2013 and as of Monday (Feb 26th), we’ve started beta testing with selected Plus customers.  This means we’ll be out with the final release soon after we fix any bugs we may have missed by our beta test users.

We apologize for the long wait on this release, and yet we know it will be worth it.  Going forward, we will be utilizing a agile methodology for our new feature development which will allow us to have releases for new features on a monthly basis.

What’s new in Maptive 4:

New User Interface: Redesigned for a cleaner, more streamlined experience that better fits how our users work. Built in a modular fashion so features can be added to the application without impacting users learning curve.

Filtering: Filtering allows your data points to be viewed at multiple layers of granularity on a single map.  See relationships between data points while paring down heavy spreadsheet data to only what you need to see.

Save Different Map Views with Snapshots: Filter, group, search, or create a proximity circle in any specified area on your map and save a Snapshot for easy retrieval and sharing with others.  Quickly highlight important aspects of your map by having them pre saved just the way you want them to look for your presentation using Snapshots.

Multi-Point Driving Directions: Map the most efficient route between multiple locations. Can be used in conjunction with the Proximity tool to show nearby points from any specified location.

New API For Automatic Map Updates: Maptive 4 now has an API that will let you keep your maps updated automatically by syncing them to your data sources.

More Ways to Customize Your Maps:

  • Toggle many map functions on/off: Directions, Proximity, Filtering, Grouping, Street View, Satellite View, Roads, etc.
  • Choose what data is available to users within your map marker bubbles.
  • Set the initial starting point of your map including the zoom level.

Larger Datasets & Faster Map Performance: Maptive 4 was redesigned from the database up so you can map more data even faster.

Improved Export Options: Along with our other export options, we’ve added Export Current View so that you can continue working outside of Maptive with only the data you need.

Thank you for your patience and please let us now if you have any questions.  We’re always here to help.