The Territory Tool

The Territory Tool allows you to draw custom polygon-like shapes on your map to represent territories. The Territory Tool makes it easy to quickly pull up and evaluate key information and metrics—such as the number of locations or total amount of sales—associated with the locations that fall within a specific territory.

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The Territory Tool allows you to create beautifully simple, easy-to-understand visualization of different segments of your location data.

  • Create custom territories within your map. Creating a territory or territory group in your map can be done in a matter of seconds. With the Territory Tool, you can draw any shape you want with as many sides as you want in order to identify key metrics or trends that exist in your location data.
  • Build and customize information within territory groups. The Territory tool allows you to easily customize the summary information you see on the associated popup. Use this tool to instantly calculate and evaluate the sum, average, highest/lowest value, and count groups within each of your custom-built territories.
  • Customize territory shape and size. The Territory Tool allows you to customize fill color, boundary color, opacity, and boundary width. You can also easily modify the size of your territory by editing the initial shape you create. You can also change the name of your territories, or delete them altogether.
  • Export territory data. Exporting territory data from your map is incredibly simple and convenient, and can be done in just 1-click. Data is exported into a XLS, CSV, or TSV file.

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