New Feature: Hi-res printing

Check the ‘Enable hi-res printing box in your settings menu.  Then click the printing icon on your published map to select the map area you would like to print and choose SAVE AS PDF or SAVE AS PNG (image file) for a 2048 x 2048 pixel resolution.

7 Interesting Mapping Stories From December [Round-Up]

For the last few months we’ve been sharing our favorite news stories and articles about mapping from around the globe. We created the series back in October to celebrate our love of maps—and to highlight the fact that maps are literally all around us. They are everywhere. Why? Because maps create the opportunity to present extremely complex data in a way that most people can digest and understand. Maps tell stories. They persuade. They change minds. They lead people to act. They inform.

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7 Compelling Visualizations That Show The Power and Value of Maps

Maps tell stories. As we’ve written on this blog before, they are an important and useful tool in simplifying complex information for the purpose of educating groups, persuading people, or understanding ideas. Maps can change popular opinion. They can illustrate never-before-seen trends in the world. Maps are visuals, and visuals are compelling. It has been said that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. It’s why television and smartphones have become daily tools for consuming information.

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7 Ways You’re Leaving Money on the Table in Your Business

Is your business as successful as it could be? All entrepreneurs want their businesses to thrive, but many of them don’t realize that even small mistakes result in profits left behind. You already know how not to waste your money – but do you know if you’re leaving money on the table? Here are seven mistakes you could be making:

Competing on Price

Competing on price is the number one way businesses leave money on the table, and it’s an error that almost every entrepreneur makes. Never, never, never compete to be the lowest-priced provider – it’s a race to the bottom and it cheapens both you and your services. Instead, focus on the VALUE you can create for your customer, and set your prices based on that value. Create different levels of value and set different prices – that allows your customers to decide where they want to be

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